Facebook documents show how toxic Instagram is for teens, Wall Street Journal reports – ENOUGH!

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Nothing has been more destructive to the fabric of society in the past 20 years than Facebook.

From algorithms that cause information echo chambers to disinformation/misinformation/propaganda to political rancor and now, known detrimental effects on young minds.

We may have already lost a generation of kids to the mendacity, dysfunction and psychological manipulations of a big tech monster.

Zuckerberg is unapologetic and unmoved- he has repeated ly ignored the advice of his own company’s internal data and recommendations. He has ignored the advise of the oversight board he formed to deflect criticism and he has flauted the admonshments of Congress, the FTC and the FCC.

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If a any other company produced a dangerous or destructive product, the government would take action to shut it down. If the executives did not comply, they would be held to account for both civil and criminal liability.

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Look at Peloton and their dangerous treadmills. Look at Oerdue Pharma and their prescription oxy debacle.

Enough is enough with this insidious, overly influential instigator, shitting on our kids, our democracy, our way of life .



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