Facebook gets it’s tables overturned

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What do you get if you cross a former Danish prime minister, someone who once edited the left-wing Guardian newspaper, a Yemini activist, a bunch of law professors and a Pakistani digital rights advocate? The predictable banning of Donald Trump.

Those are just some of the members of the Facebook Oversight Board, a kind of social media Supreme Court, one the left has already packed. Yesterday, the group extended the banning of Trump from Facebook for six months, urging the company to come up with guidelines that would extend his censoring. Considering how central Facebook can be to political fundraising and outreach, not to mention news, exiling Trump is no small matter. It is meddling with democracy.

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Facebook suggests this 20-member group is “independent,” but that’s a farce.



Facebook’s unelected multinational, multicultural, uniLeftist panel has just upheld its ban on Donald J. Trump, meaning that the 45th President of the U.S. is still unable to communicate with his 74,222,958 American voters [Facebook Ban On Donald Trump Will Hold, Social Media’s Oversight Board Rules, by Shannon Bond, NPR, May 5, 2021].(He has started a blog at DonaldJTrump.com/desk, something we suggested here.)

This disgraceful situation, profoundly insulting to the U.S. as a sovereign democracy, has particular resonance for us here at VDARE.com. Just a year ago, our own Facebook page was deleted, completely without warning, on the false claim that we were engaged in what Facebook called “Coordinated Inauthentic Behavior” [PDF] a.k.a. we were running a “bot farm”—multiple automated sites designed to enhance traffic. This was a lie. We have now sued Facebook for defamation (HERE—we will be expanding this complaint later). I am honored to say that our suit exactly parallels the heroic Project Veritas’ recent defamation suit against Twitter, just as our federal defamation suit against the New York Times parallels Project Veritas’ (strikingly successful) suit in New York State court. Hopefully, it’s a trend.

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