Facebook going BANKRUPT? Mark Zuckerberg says workers will be forced to “sit and share desks” to cut cost!

via Yahoo News:

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  • Some Meta employees will share desks as the company cuts costs amid layoffs, Mark Zuckerberg said.
  • Zuckerberg said he viewed layoffs as a last resort and tried to cut costs in other areas beforehand.
  • Meta announced it was laying off more than 11,000 employees, around 13% of its headcount.

Mark Zuckerberg on Wednesday said that some Meta employees will share desks as a cost-cutting measure while the company reduces its office space.

The Meta CEO announced the plans in a memo sent to employees regarding layoffs across the company. Meta, formerly known as Facebook, plans to cut more than 11,000 employees — around 13% of its workforce.

“I view layoffs as a last resort, so we decided to rein in other sources of cost before letting teammates go,” Zuckerberg wrote in the memo.



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