Facebook: Heartwarming Ad ‘Shocking, Disrespectful, Sensational’


“Facebook banned a pro-life video ad by a judicial candidate, explaining it violated the social-media company’s policy of not allowing ‘shocking, disrespectful or sensational content.'”


You can see the ad at the link above. I can’t seem to find a Youtube video that I can embed for this. But what really angers me is that Facebook will allow a sex is hot ad targeted at girls.

Unearthed Facebook Ads Reveal Planned Parenthood’s “Sex Is Hot” Campaign Targeted at Teen Girls

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“This is the sickest example you can think of for what constitutes ‘good advertising.’

Convince young girls that sex is hot. Belittle abstinence-only education. Rake in the dough when pregnant teenage girls come seeking abortions because ‘safe sex’ has failed them.”


Man, this just really chaps my hide! Which ads are really the shocking, disrespectful and sensational ads and who’s trying to influence elections again?


h/t TrustNoOneKS


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