Facebook Investors Want Zuckerberg Out

According to a recent report from Business Insider, that discussion amongst board members may have taken place. Scott Stringer, New York City’s comptroller, who is responsible for overseeing the investment of approximately $895 million worth of Facebook shares through city pension funds, recently told Business Insider: “We have concerns about the structure of the board that the company doesn’t seem ready to address, which can lead to risks — reputational, regulatory, and otherwise.” Doherty believes that Facebook’s current situation is one of the past that regularly has failed. “The idea that there should be an autocrat in charge of a gigantic public company, which has billions of dollars of shareholder money invested in it, is an anachronism,” Doherty said. “It harks back to the 19th century when you had these robber barons who were autocrats and dictators.”


h/t SuperCharged2000