Facebook Spying On You! Huge NEW Scandals Revealed! Buy the Dip?

So, Facebook stole your data against your will and their stock rose. They stole more data, and it rose again. Then it fell. But don’t worry because your friendly neighbourhood analysts have suggested this is a great opportunity to buy the stock. A company so massive, it no longer matters what actions they take. Simply having enough data ensures they remain all powerful. They will ensure their close ties with government and put on a show for the media. Social media is the undisclosed wing of the government.

Too Big To Fail? Too Big To Jail?


FB 150.42 6.23 4.32% : Facebook, Inc. – Yahoo Finance


Alex Heath on Twitter: “NEW: Apple now says it has revoked Facebook’s iOS developer certificate, which Apple intends to be used for a company’s employees to sideload apps without needing the App Store, not for the purpose FB used. Apple’s statement:… t.co/XEYSLEHD3a


As Facebook Raised a Privacy Wall, It Carved an Opening for Tech Giants – The New York Times




Facebook pays teens to install VPN that spies on them | TechCrunch


Facebook-Research-App-Install1.png (1667×934)


Facebook-advertises-Project-Atlas-Research1.png (915×898)


U.K. lawmaker Damian Collins releases seized Facebook emails, claims company lacks ‘straight answers’


Facebook’s Internal Tensions Are Spilling Beyond The Company’s Walls


Dag8ssXXUAEpn8h.jpg (1027×525)


Apple Q1 2019 earnings



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