Facebook to Handout Millions to Prop Up British Mainstream Media Outlets

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Facebook has struck a deal that will see the mainstream media in Britain rake in millions, as the social media giant again prioritises the corporate press over independent media.

On Tuesday, the Silicon Valley company announced that it will launch its Facebook News service in the UK — the first country outside of the United States — after it signed deals with British MSM outlets including Sky News, the Financial Times, the Daily Mail and The Guardian…


Sky News is the UK version of CNN, the Mail used to be centre right but got taken over by the Left, an the Guardian is pretty much a Commie broadsheet. Mainstream media is now nothing but Corporatist, Globalist propaganda outlets on steroids!

According to The Guardian — who stands to benefit from the scheme — Facebook will contract news editors from the news aggregator Upday to work in tandem with the tech company’s curation team to select which news stories will appear on the news feed.




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