Facebook, Twitter and YouTube lied under oath about censorship. It's time to take them down.

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Facebook, Twitter and YouTube lied under oath about censorship of conservatives. It’s time to take them down. ALT-LEFT
Sen. Cruz Questions Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube on Censorship of Conservatives – January 17, 2018
I think once they have over a certain number of viewers, it stops being a small isolated segment and starts being representative of the nation as a whole. If we aren’t protected, they have the ability to silence hundreds of millions of people. They control the flow of information to the masses, and they are now suppressing our voices in order to taylor the narratives for the upcoming elections. This is it y’all, this is where we must make a stand. Be loud, talk to people, help them understand what exactly this is; an assault on the first ammendment via giant tech corporations that control the internet and flow of information. This is where we lose if we stand idly by and do nothing!
For those who are not with us and laugh about this, you are next. Unless you fall perfectly in step with the far lefts line of thinking, they will come for your voice too. Before you know it, you will be looking at jail time for making honest observations about the world around you.
It is not a coincidence that along with this, they are making a strong push to disarm the country. If they are successful with this information war through this strategy and get the people they want voted in, its all over folks. Goodbye constitution, goodbye individual freedoms. I absolutely do not want to see the real reason for the second amendment be put to use, but that is what will happen if they are successful through these nefarious means.

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2 thoughts on “Facebook, Twitter and YouTube lied under oath about censorship. It's time to take them down.

  1. DOJ files anti-trust suits against Google & Facebook;
    Deep State CFR/black budget CIA/In-Q-Tel nixed due to ownership and partnership with these 1984 Big Brother 4th amendment violators.

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