Facebook Unveils New Feature To Fight “Fake News.”

by Pamela Williams
When I write, I try to stick to the truth, but I don’t think the war between mainstream media and alternative media is about “fake news” at all.  It is about the pursuit of the truth, and pure “to the point” news in support of President Trump is being called “fake news.”  People, we are living in strange times, and it is easy to walk into a trap.
This war originated with President Trump’s winning of the 2016 Presidency, but I actually think it began some years back with the signing of the Patriot Act.  That was the beginning of our loss of freedom, or that is what I think.
Lets get a grip on what the Patriot Act meant to our freedoms, especially our freedom of speech; and then I will go on to the new Facebook news.
Throughout recorded time, oligarchical institutions – those where power is held by very few – have controlled, limited and restricted the five stages of patriotism in one way or another. The original patriots recognized this, and formulated the First Amendment by combining the timeless elements of individual empowerment over oligarchy – questioning, communicating, speaking out, assembling, and petitioning the government we employ. Individuals working together with other individuals, protected by  the First Amendment,  is powerful.
Today, our political and social reality  is dangerously in opposition to those  inherent rights protected by the First Amendment. In the 13 years  since the  Patriot Act effectively  invalidated  the  First Amendment – the original patriot act – we have seen  increasingly oligarchical, anti-individualistic controls implemented by government at will – theirs, not ours – and increasingly militaristic policing of those controls happening in our communities.
Meanwhile, exercising genuine patriotism through the actions of  free speech,  assembly and petition is  increasingly  labelled by government as “terrorism” and “civil disobedience”. People exercising those rights are increasingly prosecuted for such dangerous reasons as “failure to comply”  (the  very  crime of patriotism) and  are progressively treated  by government agencies as subversive (and portrayed accordingly by the media who facilitate their propaganda).
Is this the will of the people? Or of an increasingly militant  government?
Government today has clearly overstepped the mark of its delegation. It  behaves as the master, not the servant, of people. And while government exerts  control… control not just over the processes of  redress available (ie. courts, congress), it  also exerts control through  manipulation of media over what  grievances are ever publicly discussed, and how. Meanwhile, true patriots continue to voice their  grievances of modern government and openly seek redress, as is their constitutionally  protected right, but the response of government agencies is often to further  exceed its authority, violating the  First Amendment rights of people to assemble —  throwing further fuel on the rising fire.
Enshrined  the Patriot Act 2001.  All for our own security, of course.
In such a political  climate, disobedience IS patriotism.  The First Amendment protects the right of people to  question the government’s  interpretation of its own constitutional powers, and those of its agencies, and to seek redress if they believe  they have a grievance.  So the question is…
Do you  have a grievance?
I like the way the author explains what the Patriot Act is really all about.  It was the beginning of the silencing of the voice of the people opposing the hard core crack down of freedom of expression and speech.  BUT, the Patriot Act was not created to silence everyone, now was it?  If the Patriot Act does not pertain to all voices, just what does that mean in describing our current political climate?
First, we need to realize the Patriot Act was designed by the Deep State.  President Trump is now fighting the Deep State to keep the very office he won “fair and square” when WE THE PEOPLE voted.  If the Deep State is trying to get rid of President Trump, that means anyone who outwardly supports him is going to be targeted in some way by the Deep State.
Right wing media believes in President Trump, as we can see his noble fight against the Deep State.  Alternative news media is the voice of Patriots and Freedom lovers everywhere.  However, true Patriots use their freedom of speech to speak out against any abusive control over WE THE PEOPLE.
For the first time in the history of freedom, we are seeing a President being setup by the Deep State.  It is shocking, and Patriots are speaking out about it.  The Deep State is doing everything within its power to silence the voices of Patriots, who are in support of President Trump.  Most of those voices speak out on Alternative Media outlets; therefore, we are being labelled “fake news,” and the Deep State is taking steps to destroy us.
The interesting thing we are seeing in today’s political climate is the Liberals are getting away with murder, and the Deep State is allowing them to do it.  The law does not apply to the Liberals, but the law is being brought down hard on Conservatives who actually support the law of the land…Patriots who love America and try to abide by the law.  However, those very people are being betrayed by the law, and I think it is going to get worse.  
At least we know who is the Deep State now, as they are the ones with the freedoms.  They are the ones who do not respect the Constitution, the voting system, nor the First Amendment.  The truth is hard to see now, but together we can decipher it.
Now on to the Facebook news:  http://www.msn.com/en-us/news/technology/facebook-disables-modified-link-previews-to-fight-fake-news/ar-AAorwRv?li=BBnbcA1
Facebook has begun implementing a new feature that can prevent fake news from making it onto the social network. It has started killing non-publisher Pages’ ability to edit the link previews that appear on the website when they post a story, including its headline, image and the text snippet that goes along with them. The social network says the new feature will “help eliminate a channel that has been abused to post false news.”
Fake news outlets have been taking advantage of the ability to customize a story’s metadata to spread misinformation. They often replace the headline, image and snippet with something controversial to get the most shares, likes and comments possible. By disabling the capability to modify link previews, Facebook can kill at least one of the ways people can deceive the public. 
To make sure legit publishers don’t get affected by the change, the social network has added a new tab under Page Publishing Tools that they can use to apply for link ownership. News, sports and entertainment Pages can use that to request exemption from the feature, so they can continue modifying the links they share on Facebook. The company says it’s making link ownership available to publishers “first,” so it might eventually be offered to other types of Pages. They need to submit an application by Sept. 12th, though, because that’s when Facebook will be done disabling all Pages’ ability to edit link previews.
In conclusion, we will continue to abide by the Constitution and the First Amendment.  I, myself, will continue to support and pray for President Trump to win his war over the Deep State.  Although, my reports may be labelled “fake news”, I will continue to work to report the truth.  
One could question what the truth is at this point.  The truth is no longer black or white. It is gray, and it must be deciphered by our God-given attributes of discernment and our knowledge of right and wrong.
We must stand up for those who cannot stand up for themselves, and we must support those who hold the same moral ground we do.  
God gave each of us the innate right to sovereignty and equality.  No man has the right to take my God-given rights away.  No man has the right to tell me what I can say and what I cannot.  I take my orders from God Almighty, and I always will.  
I have seen God Almighty working in our Jury System when I served my Jury Duty.  I saw real evidence presented, I saw a group of strangers seriously work together to do no wrong, and I saw a just verdict for an individual, who had broken the law of the land.  Also, she broke God’s law when she robbed from someone who trusted her.  Honestly, I was amazed at the experience, and I realized it was a just system.  I was proud to experience it as a participant.
WE THE PEOPLE must work to keep our words as truthful and as just as possible.  We must not lose heart, for this Country is ours.  We were born to speak about what we believe in and to defend our freedoms, and God supports our sovereignty.  That is our protection, and our grace.

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