Facebook’s Libra Coin WILL FAIL – MASS Surveillance Coming SOON

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Josh Sigurdson talks with Kingsley Edwards about the recent announcements by Facebook regarding their Libra cryptocurrency which many are projecting will be a digital dollar to Bitcoin’s digital gold.
Young people are not buying this desperate move to remain relevant and the background is sketchy to say the least. Considering Facebook’s behind the scenes consulting in China to unroll the social credit system as well as facial recognition, this digital identity system pushed forward by Facebook seems like two bad ideas. One is to keep the stock up, the second is to create an even larger surveillance racket.

Kingsley who has a long background in the crypto space breaks down his thoughts on this push for a Libra cashless society.
He also talks about Flote which he is developing to help independent medias as the gauntlet comes down on voices that oppose the typical mantra.


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