Fact-Check articles are created by the left to censor negative news about Democrats.

by ReviewEquivalent1266

The articles rule claims like “Democrats are targeting Republicans for death” as ‘false’ despite citing the fact that Democrats ARE targeting Republicans inside of the article. Big Tech only looks at the headlines.

Fact check articles often include nuance explaining their ‘rulings’ to readers but when they’re used by Big Tech that nuance is lost – something is either true or false in the eyes of Twitter or Facebook. Business Insider ruled claims that Republicans were ‘already’ being killed by Democrats for their political beliefs were false – the ‘ruling’ is wrong but the ‘fact-check’ is deemed accurate because it explains the nuance BI leans on to justify their ruling.

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Calling the claims ‘bizarre conspiracy theories’ BI first addressed the recent targeting and murder committed by a registered Democrat. Shannon Brandt, a 41-year-old North Dakota man, told police that he was inspired by President Biden to target, stalk, and kill Republicans. Brandt specifically told police that he believed 18-year-old Cayler Ellingson was part of a “Republican extremist group” and ran him down with his SUV to “protect democracy”. BI ruled anyone claiming that Brandt was killed because he was a Republican is spreading dangerous misinformation as police determined that there is ZERO evidence that Brandt was either a Republican or a part of any sort of extremist group. While BI admits that Ellingson was killed because Brandt BELIEVED he was a Republican they use the fact that Brandt was mistaken as a way to cause Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube to suppress and/or censor discussion of the underlying issue – that President Biden is inciting violence against his political enemies.

Next BI addressed the recent shooting of an 83-year-old Michigan woman who was going door-to-door handing out pamphlets opposing Proposal 3 to codify abortion into the Michigan’s constitution. The homeowner, a fervent abortion advocate and Democrat, got into a shouting match with the elderly woman causing the homeowner’s husband to come to do the door with his gun. When the elderly woman turned to retreat to her car the man shot her in the back. BI rules the claim that the man targeted the elderly woman for being a Republican false as the man told police he shot her by accident – an accident would preclude targeting.

The left is ADAMANT that political violence ONLY comes from the right. The sad truth is that we’re seeing more and more political violence from the left. Much of the violence began when Bernie Sanders inspired the mass shooting of Republicans in Congress during baseball practice. It continued with the attack on Senator Paul Ryan by his Democrat neighbor. Most recently the attempted assassination of Republican-appointed Supreme Court Justices.


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