Factcheck – the biggest conspiracy is happening right now

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by F**k_Banksters

So let’s have a “factcheck” of the latest points of the greatest conspiracy of the all times: New World Order is about to take over, the End Game that we all know about that will come and we warned about.
In a conspiracy, to prove it that is real and not a conspiracy anymore we need to answer 4 questions: who, why, how, when

  1. Who: Rothschild, Rockefeller, cabals etc
    It was posted here so many links, documents, videos, confessions about these, we already know WHO they are.
    But we have to mention also that they have accomplices, the ones that are executing their plan: banksters, WHO, high level governments (including chinese and russian), UN, NATO, few high level people in big corporations (and in special the big pharma), actors and media. All these accomplices, we already know that they were convinced, blackmailed, brainwashed and so on to participate into this evil plan.
  2. Why: to convert the population into a mass modern slavery, that will obey and produce for them
    For decades now, we were bombarded with bullshit slogans like “we are too many on this planet, we have to act now”. That was the plan and we already know how they push it. To sustain THEIR lives and power, they do not need 8 billion people/sheeple/slaves, they just need few millions, obedient and totally controlled. And slowly many of these could be replaced with robots, AI, automation.
  3. How: reducing the population to a number that can be more easily controlled
    For many hundred of years they tried in many ways: wars, diseases, experiments, chemtrails, weather control, birth control, now spreading false viruses and conducting worldwide hoax induced by FEAR. They still have many “weapons” to release… they can’t kill over night 8 billion people. We are too many, still.
    Here I will extend a bit, just to see that this part is IN EXECUTION NOW.
  • Factcheck: for decades they were creating regional wars and instability in many places around the globe, sometimes for no logical reason. This was creating massive migrant exodus and bring fear, instability, diseases, crimes etc.
  • Factcheck: for decades they were creating various weapons for mass destruction, in labs and then release them: viruses, diseases, infections, HARP, chemtrails, 5G.
  • Factcheck: right now they released the ultimate weapon and plan – COVID-1984 and reduce the population at 50%
  • There is something that is not proved 100% that seems to act as an infection (but not really is) that seems to be activated in 5G proximity
  • It is clear now that this “infection” is not a virus, it is presented like that to put people in FEAR mode. But now we have probes that could be easily detected as an exosome that we all have regularly in our bodies. it is clear now that these exosome combined with fear and other illnesses can create a chain reaction and people die.
    Yes, there is no hoax, people die in hospitals, but that doesn’t mean they are dying BECAUSE of COVID-1984. There is no proof for that. In fact this is their plan, to kill as much as they can. They started with the most vulnerable: old, sick, weak.
  • Now come the 2nd wave of deaths: those that are not old, sick, weak. Those that will be infected in the “TESTING” PROCESS. Yes you hear it here: the testing process will be actually the grand operation to literally infect people with a deadly pathogen. Medical staff doesn’t know anything about this, they are innocents and they will die many also.
    They are preparing now, large places with medical tents, where people will be forced to be “tested” for the so called COVID-1984, but in fact those tests contain the deadly pathogen. With the inserting the deadly pathogen, you will be declared “INFECTED” and isolated in special facilities (already in place, that’s why there are empty now). Once you are isolated, in few days you will get the symptoms and you will be put in hospital bed for ICU, but the medical staff will not be informed how to treat it, they will have false information and people will die anyway. Medics now start to see things that doesn’t make sense and those who dare to say something will be ELIMINATED.
    YES PEOPLE WILL DIE WITH MILLIONS But wearing a mask or isolate in house, will NOT protect you in any case. THIS IS THE FUCKING LIE, TO KEEP YOU CONTROLLED AND QUIET, until their plan can’t be reversed
  • 5G installations are going fast now, but remember: are NOT activated on full power until are everywhere. Will fool people that start now to protest against, they will release a non-lethal frequency to “prove” you that is OK. Later will beam the hell us and people will fall like flies.
  • Those selected NOT to be infected or get immune, will be anyway forced vaccinated with ID2020.org and later totally controlled with 5G. Those will be the modern slaves that will continue to serve the masters.
  1. When: NOW, it’s happening right now, under your eyes. There’s no more time to investigate and do nothing.
    Is time to wake as many we can. We are still much more then them. We are still billions, they are just few.
    First we need to get the medics, from the 1st line to speak, freely, openly, with big balls. Yes it is a huge risk for them, but there’s no other option anyway, they will die soon too.
    We need more specialist to speak (we already have more than 20 yelling as much as they can on social media). But we need more, the medics in hospitals, don’t be afraid, come up and say what you have to say, don’t fall into their trap. We know that many are there in fear and do not dare to speak. We will support you in every possible way.


We need to wake up police and army, as many is possible. They are few, those who will still remain with NWO plan, will be less, we are still many,. What they are going to do? To arrest us all? Where to put billions of people in jail? To kill us? We will die anyway soon, so we have NOTHING to lose. We are NOT afraid of any “infection”, we already know that the infection is WHEN they put something into your body, not from the air/touch. Maybe later they will come with a airborn pathogen, as an ultimate chance for them, but in this moment there’s NO risk.

We need to organize and get out, massive protests and force governments to be responsible and pay for all the damage. We can reverse this into OUR TIME, OUR PLAN towards FREEDOM. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.



Disclaimer: This is a guest post and it doesn’t represent the views of IWB.


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