“Fake Markets” To Lead to Global Financial Crisis? – Goldnomics Podcast

by GoldCore

– What are “Fake Markets” and will they lead to another global financial crisis? 
– What do fake markets mean for stock and bond market performance in the future? 
– Is this the right time to re-balance portfolios and hold more cash and gold?

In episode 9 of the Goldnomics Podcast, Stephen Flood GoldCore CEO talks to Francesco Filia CEO of Fasanara Capital and regular contributor to CNBC about his take on the ‘Fake Markets’ of today.

Markets are fake today as they are “heavily manipulated by monetary authorities.” 

“Fake markets” mean investors are all on the “same side of the boat and the boat can capsize.”

Listen to the full episode or skip directly to one of the following discussion points:

00:30 – Francesco Filia and Stephen Flood: can the performance of stock markets be trusted as a barometer for economic performance?
01:06 – Stay updated in all developments in precious metals by signing up for GoldCore’s market update on www.goldcore.com
01:27 – Meet Francesco Filia, CEO & CIO at Fasanara Capital.
02:28 – Francesco: Understanding fake markets and why you should be concerned.
03:10 – Fake markets today due to complete manipulation of markets by monetary authorities.
05:14 – Francesco: Understanding the difference between passive and active investments.
07:59 – Are ETFs a cause for concern?
10:10 – Swiss National Bank & Swiss equity market: A bubble waiting to burst?
11:40 – How strong is the argument for passive investments
12:19 – Greek Tier One Capital and the assumption of zero default risk: How sustainable is this?
14:08 – The definition of “Fake Markets.”
15:42 – Fake markets, systemic risk and investors: Identifying and avoiding the pitfalls.
17:40 – Are systemic risk indicators better than volatility based indicators?
19:50 – The Rate of Recovery: A good indicator of the temperament of the market?
22:10 – Is complexity theory a better way to understand markets?
24:09 – What can investors do to insulate themselves in Fake Markets?
25:48 – What can gold do to your portfolio in the event of a market correction?
28:03 – How can markets be fixed?
31:44 – Can central banks or official sector intervention fix the market?
32:54 – What can central banks do to protect the market and ensure systemic stability?
34:08 – Has the market bubble created more income inequality?
36:12 – Low rates: can bonds still save the day?
37:28 – Coming market transition: Any need for panic?
38:02 – Is this the right time to rebalance portfolios and hold more cash and gold?

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