"BERKELEY PROTEST VICTIM: Woman Punched On Video Talks About Assault During Berkeley Demonstration" – She now plays victim

Antifa girl goes on CBS claiming she is a victim. Redditors are slamming the comments with video evidence of her throwing glass bottles and punching people with her weighted gloves.

She has no clue yet that she was caught on video from so many angles.
Flat out openly lying.
Antifa Girl Interview at Berkeley – Doesn’t Disavow using Explosives Against the Elderly. Says “The Revolution is Hard”.

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Antifa’s strategy- run up to people, punch them and run away
They hit back- send women because surely they won’t hit women
They fight back against women- throw explosives from far away
When you have to run away claim it as a victory

25 thoughts on “"BERKELEY PROTEST VICTIM: Woman Punched On Video Talks About Assault During Berkeley Demonstration" – She now plays victim

  1. I won’t watch that, it’s staged BS meant to create civil unrest. The jewish/british/israeli/satanic/masonic bankers want war, everywhere. The US mirrors the protocols of zion, the author in-fact tortured in a Russian prison after writing the protocols of zion, so the protocols of zion are not debunked. You know your nation is under zionist attack when the crazy talmuds are coming after the foreskins and the crazy radical muslims are coming after the clits, total destabilization, divide and conquer, it’s right in our faces, people!
    Radical talmudic judaism and radical sharia law muslims should be banned in the US, the temples and mosques taken down as they are waging war on the US, their corrupted bank and media should be scuttled and replaced with free market free speech! Trump’s not on his game, or he lied to us, yhuge!

  2. See a ninja costume with a mask, punch them dowm. F these ignorant lefiist my life is exceptional everyone gets a trophy turds.

          • Not sure if you do a lot of coffee or what your intent is Jeffery. You have put out thousands of words in 24 hours and while some of it is personal revelations you seem to make a lot of strong statements without any links or proof.
            This mystrious “It will become obvious soon” for instance. Or “That “woman” is a “retired” former porn star. (no joke) ” What’s the deal here? You just making things up for attention or something else??

          • The Gavin McInnis video above gives the pornstar propaganda doll evidence.
            McInnis is funny as it is, you don’t have to watch much of the video to get his and my point. Dare to face the truth. It’s ok, it doesn’t hurt forever.

  3. What really happened was that the Antifa women were put up front and attacked the men on the opposite side. That “woman” is a “retired” former porn star. (no joke)
    Do NOT forget the police allowed the combat, like prison guards at a fight club. That is a felony, “failure to act while on duty.”
    The Antifa has been snuffed out. Watched what really happened, which was a total victory for free speech and conservatives.

    • Good post but you play into globalist agenda by lumping feminazi libtarded hags in with decent, loyal, caring, nurturing *normal* women…then subsequently advocating for all to be thrown under the bus.

      • Before I got married I asked a wide cross section of married men, known and unknown to me, e.g., while shopping for Jagermeister one day at a liquor store, and I found to a man, they told me: DON’T GET MARRIED.
        So, the wiseguy I was, I said, as a professional mathematician, I could beat the odds, if I trained my fiance the NLP/propaganda and socialization weapons being used to destroy men’s ability to successfully have relationships with women.
        I know NLP well enough to have dates ask me how I got them naked. I don’t ever use my skills for bad intentions, I never sleep with a woman the first time if she’s drunk (unsportsmanlike, imo, they’d hump an upside down chair; because sex between the sexes, to me, is first about reproduction, NOT SPORT, and should be treated as a type of sacred communication between a man and woman)…but I do sometimes expedite things with it. From the beginning of time until recently, sex between a man and woman WAS the marriage act.
        It took years, 2 years in fact. Not only did I get a nod she understood, she paraphrased my instruction. We debated things as things she thought needed vetting.
        I eventually forced her to go to college, because she wanted more for the family and I said, I ain’t Jesus, I can’t make wine from water, help. She came back a lesbian wiccan.
        For now, after I married my wife after 14 years living together, and now 5 years in getting my sons away from her, still in Family Court, I have proven the rule. DON’T GET MARRIED.
        Men were brought up, at least in my generation, to protect the weak, and protect their women. It had nothing to do with whether or not we thought women valuable or not. OF COURSE, women are valuable to us. Or at least used to be until they have been weaponized against us.
        IF what you say is true, that normal nurturing women exist, why have white women stop getting pregnant in such large numbers as to cause our racial extinction…irrespective any outside force of feral people or whatever race, religion or creed?
        Why is that? Why don’t mothers teach their sons, what they teach their daughters? You need 1 man for money, 1 man for conversation and 1 man for adventure? Why don’t mothers teach their sons to think of women as their First, Second and possibly Third divorce, if they don’t marry well, like they teach their daughters? Why don’t they now consider since cuckolding can no longer exist due to DNA testing, the jig is up…Men didn’t know cuckolding was happening AT LEAST 1/3rd of the time. All big studies in every city show at least 1/3rd of the fathers of record are NOT the biological father.
        Men in the West have been trained since birth to be prey. It’s time for men to opt out of that paradigm. That’s all I’m sharing.
        Show me evidence of the “non-hostile” woman. I’ve searched everywhere, and surveyed everywhere. The US, EU, Australia. To a man, when I ask if they have an example or have seen or currently are in a relationship, they don’t say “no.” They say thus, “Do non-hostile women exist?” Not the response I was respecting.
        Life in the final analysis is hostile, meaningless and cruel, and now, after Ms. Magazine and it’s founder a CIA asset Steinem admitted, the “war of the sexes” from the 60s on, was to destroy the family and the ability of the genders to live together in peace and harmony.
        I’m saying this: You wanted this fight. Men are going their own way. MGTOW. Sex to men, is just a distraction. Sex to women is a weapon. 90% of the time women spend are how/why/when they will attract/maintain/and extract value from their male prey. Men can counter everything unsafe from women incredibly simply: Fee for service, overseas surrogacy. Done. Finished, happy, cheaper, better quality.
        Only women lose this game, not the men.
        Game over, Game over.

        • “You wanted this fight”
          No I didn’t. I am not a feminist. I am not in any fight with men and never have been. I’ve had 2 long term relationships, with small amt of dating in between, and have never even had a guy break up with me. zero hostility, no baggage whatsoever. 100% loyal, caring, nurturing, even though I get very little attention from my bf b/c he is very busy…no drama and no demands.
          I am not saying to jump in and get married. I have a brother who I am very protective of, who has been through the ringer with his ex and I worry about him constantly and try to help him see red flags when I can tell the woman has issues or is selfish. I’m not saying hey everybody get married.
          You know as well as I do that the “war” between the sexes has been orchestrated to fulfill the globalist agenda and yes, *some* weak minded women allow themselves to be brainwashed into becoming feminist hags – no different from the brainwashed, antifa cucks who claim everyone who disagrees with them is a nazi and have now become domestic terrorists for their fake “revolution”.
          ALL I am saying is don’t play into it by painting all women with the same brush the way you are being MANIPULATED to. YOU KNOW BETTER than to fall for this BS. By all means protect yourself as need be, but to destroy all potential future relationships due to your ex turning nutso on you, Do you realize that NOW you have given her so much power over you, that she is able to keep you from even being OPEN to meeting a nice girl in the future? That is way too much power to give to a crazy lesbo wiccan ex from your past.

          • The problem is, the potential downside is too costly.
            The only thing that separates men from women that I find valuable, is their ability to think, and luckily for men, that has brought them their final step towards survival. Surviving even their own females.
            There is an ancient fable about a frog and a scorpion. You probably know it, but I’ll for ease of understanding restate it.
            Scorpion, “Frog, may I get across the river?”
            Frog, “Fk you, you’ll sting me, and I’ll die.”
            Scorpion, “No I won’t. If I stung you, we both will surely die.”
            Frog, “Hmmm, ok, hop on my back.”
            …in about the middle of the crossing, the scorpion stings the frog…
            Frog, “You’ve STUNG ME! Now we both, shall surely die!”
            Scorpion, “I’m a scorpion, it is my nature.”
            …they both drown…
            No way you try to entice me to swim, Dixie, will be effective, anymore. There have been a lot of women from the christian south, that said come on down and come to one of our churches, we can help you. Idts.
            Young men: you have been warned.

          • Jeffery if you are that committed to a woman-free life, then I will agree.. it is probably the best solution for you. Wish you all the best.

          • I am now irrelevant. I’ve had my sons. I’m now here to prevent harm to my fellow man.
            The second NYC’s velvet mafia stomped on my neck, creating a situation in court that was criminal and corrupt, and they laughed at me, I’ve decided to make 1MM sons, to pay them back for the violence they’ve done to me and my sons, still ongoing.
            I am not just me anymore. I am a movement.

          • No Jeffrey, you’ve not “tested it comprehensively”. You have been severely hurt and abused by someone you trusted. It was and is a legitimately traumatizing experience. You have decided that to protect yourself from future pain and financial loss, you will now view women as 99.9% hostile and avoid involvement with them at all costs. You have spoken to others who have been hurt/badly abused, and there are many, who have confirmed this perspective you chose. This is a defense mechanism in response to being hurt on a very deep level. It’s ONLY ok as long and as far as it genuinely SERVES you.
            There is a danger when one “locks in” a particular belief, that should the opposite appear before them, they will not recognize it, as they have already mentally “locked out” that possibility.
            Non-hostile women: My grandma, mom, auntie, myself, my friends, who are happily married, and probably most conservative women.
            Hostile women: feminists, social justice “warriors”.
            Hostility is not a normal characteristic of femininity – it is dysfunction. Hostility is a toxic mental/emotional state. I’ve never felt hostility to any man and I am no unicorn…there are many normal non-toxic minded women out there.
            Having your sons does not make you irrelevant. You are here to experience life, love, joy, laughter and companionship, as well as the hurt and disappointment – not to shut it all out. Nobody grows as a person by having it easy. We all have to take the good with the bad.
            I would have given up on replying to you if not for your last paragraph. I think there’s a tiny part of you that could love again.(don’t care if you deny this…I believe it’s there – you’re too close to the forest to see the trees right now). I hope your heart will heal, and you will keep at least a little part of yourself open, so that if in time you should cross paths with your “unicorn”, you will not be blind to her.
            May God bless you (even if you may be an atheist and think you don’t want that blessing! ) call it a hunch…
            Best to you Jeffrey:)

          • How imperious and condescending you are, exactly demonstrating the danger I ask men to avoid and show them how easily they can avoid it.
            Remember dear, I had my own intimate terrorist before, I haven’t come here to replace her by you. Given I thought myself unique, I tried to find out if I was just poorly selecting my misery, or it was unavoidable. Unfortunately, for men, I’m not unique at all.
            This demonstrates Big Data’s inference that humans can’t tell their own motivations nor understand their behavior or actions, by this second response of yours, the first one containing your “protection” of that dumb fk bro, from his blindness of fellow female predators. This interaction underscores and re-enforces my information presented, not yours.
            I wish you no harm, I’m just going to make sure as many men as possible are no longer prey.

          • That’s your takeaway?..I’m “condescending..imperious…a danger..intimate terr orist”?… guess when someone is determined to seek negative intent, they will make sure they “find” it.

          • Young men: I stand by my statements above.
            You chose. You guys have any questions or challenges, other than from thinking you can read my mind. I will do my best to answer them.

          • “Do you realize that NOW you have given her so much power over you, that she is able to keep you from even being OPEN to meeting a nice girl in the future? That is way too much power to give to a crazy lesbo wiccan ex from your past.”
            Great advice. It is challenging for women these days to speak openly and with a camaraderie with men, understanding the Kabuki theater of the absurd that is and has placed men and women against each other.
            Very refreshing sister. ????

          • Wow Joe, thank you, that is a very nice thing for you say. I really appreciate that you took the time to tell me! So glad you understood what I was trying to convey 🙂

  4. Hey Valley Girl- where was your boyfreind? Was he one of the ones putting plastic bags over peoples heads? You will be forever shamed, the goy find your porn and your lifestyle revolting- take that back to your leaders, the TEACHERS FROM SCHOOL WHO ARE SURROUNDED BY YOU GUYS- we know who they are too.

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