FAKE NEWS: Border Patrol Wasn’t Responsible for the Recent Death of 8 Year Old Child

As is being reported by numerous sources an 8 year old boy died recently while in custody of Border Patrol agents.

Another immigrant child has died while in US custody, detained by government border agents

What MSM is failing to report is that the child was sent back to the detention center with a fever of 103 by the local hospital.

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During a recent interview this little gem came out and, of course, MSM decided to bypass it altogether and insinuate the possibility of more deaths of children at the hands of border patrol.

CBS Anchor SHREDDED After Trump DHS Official Gives BRUTAL Lesson On Live TV

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Imagine that . . . MSM only reporting half of the story!

Headline should be: Hospital Incompetently Releases Eight Year Old Child With A Fever Of 103. Child Dies Shortly After. Doctor Facing Malpractice Suit.



h/t CrsCrpr


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