FAKE NEWS: These Two Shootings Defy Traditional Political Stereotyping. The Media Is Trying to Squeeze Them In.

via theresurgent:

The shooter in Ohio is an Elizabeth Warren fan, which means the media will focus far more on the El Paso shooter. But the El Paso shooter, who is very anti-immigration and believes the country is under invasion, also has a significant degree of concern about ecology and the environment. Neither of them fit within standard boxes of politics.

Unfortunately, the media is so used to putting everything in R and D boxes and defaulting to blame Trump stories that reporters are trying to force the stories into standard boxes and are willing to discard or downplay inconvenient facts that prevent standard narrative building.

This is a bad thing for them to do because it makes it way easier to amplify claims of bias against the media. Likewise, it gives both sides partisan talking points to avoid dealing with the larger issues involved.

Perhaps the largest issue is just what a lousy press we have.



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