Fake Pandemic: The Goalposts Are Still Moving

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By Chris Black

Motto: Passive resistance has never accomplished anything in history.

Welcome to clown world. America is not a serious country, and if you think I am exaggerating, the new regime is impeaching a president who isn’t even the president anymore. They are yelling at someone who’s already left the room. It’s all a farce, both insulting and absurd, but that’s what makes headlines nowadays with corporate media.

Getting back in the real world, remember how we were told one year ago that life will never go to normal until we have a vaccine? Now we have more than one vaccine, but life did not return to normal. Life got worse. We were instructed to take the new vaccine ASAP and then to put on more masks. And everyone who complained was punished. 

Here’s the deal:

After a year, the supposed rate of infection of Covid would have resulted in trillions of infections. Meaning everyone on Earth would have been infected hundreds of times over.

In fact, after 90 days, the entire world population would have been infected. This would have happened regardless of controls, distancing, masks, etc. The control measures may have slowed the overall spread by a week or two, but that would be it. The science is overwhelming on those facts.

That this did not happen proves that Covid is not what they claim it is. It was clear in April of last year that the fear was unjustified and there was no pandemic. However, the plans for the lockdowns and mass incarceration of humanity were already in place. On April 14th, the CDC issued the Covid guidance that said that nearly any cough, sneeze, fever, or body ache could be called Covid-19 regardless of being tested. 

Along with that guidance was the perverse incentive of paying $18k guaranteed from federal relief funds for anything labelled Covid. Plus any contact of any person who tested positive would also be labelled positive.

Areas that had only seen a few hundred cases over three months all of a sudden had thousands by the next week. Ohio went from under 500 cases on April 14th to over 10,000 by April 20th. Deaths surged from less than twenty to almost 500. 

This enabled the Satanic Lord of Columbus to enact his edicts that would only be outdone by Cuomo and Witmer. DeWine was one of the first to cancel large public gatherings, like cancelling the Arnold Fitness Expo that brings millions of dollars into Ohio’s largest city.

Are we really to believe those numbers were natural? That within five days, ten thousand people were infected and “confirmed”?

 A virus that was nowhere all of a sudden appeared everywhere in huge numbers. 

The sheep are easily herded. They are also hopelessly devoted. The Masked Covidians can’t be reasoned with. They have given themselves fully to the cult and will die before being forced to recant. They believe all must convert to the Covidian faith or be eliminated. The Covidian is a movement that makes Islam look tame. 

The world had been swallowed by the satanic overlords. You are now either one of them, wearing your mask with pride, or an enemy. People are right when they say the Super Bowl Halftime show was Satanic. It was. 

A shining figure with red eyes fell to Earth, complete with a choir of faceless devotees with red glowing eyes praising their Messiah. 

So after a year, you are either a part of the cult or you are part of the resistance. There never was a virus, there was only control. 

There is the story of the fall of Athens, where the elite of Athens democracy, welcomed the Spartans and their military autocracy. The Spartans believed their upper class to be superior. The lower class only existed to serve them. Spartan leaders tortured the underclass and ritually sacrificed them, to force their submission. 

The autocracy of today and our tech overlords believe the same. You are not people, you are slaves to serve them.


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