False Flag to Start WW3 With Russia?

by Chris Black

A big happooning just flew over my house. 

I bet that when WWIII does get kicked off, it will be over something that is exactly this stupid – I can tell you that much.

According to Polish sources, stray Russian rockets killed two Polish citizens in a small village at the border with the Ukraine. Even if it is what they say it is, it was definitely a mistake/error whatever.

There are already people doubting the “Putin did it” narrative.

This guy says this was not a Russian cruise missile but a Ukrainian S300 malfunctioning, or something along these lines.

The Russians deny it was them.

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The current narrative is that Russian missiles flew 1000 km across Ukraine undetected and hit Poland mainland, because reasons.

And Poland is already invoking Article 4, while Zelensky in predictable fashion is casting it as an Article 5-style “attack on collective security”…

Not even CNN will push the Zelensky narrative on this one.

Keep in mind that the same people in control of Ukraine and Poland belong to the same group of people in control of the White House (I don’t mean Biden).

How is everyone enjoying WW3, hyperinflation and 6 buck gas under your dear leader Biden?

Trump warned you Muppets, and he was right again, as per usual. There is a 100% chance that this is all going to keep escalating to the point of open war with Russia. That’s probably going to happen pretty soon, because the Ukraine can’t really hold out too much longer.


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