False Flags and their history, and why is it still a huge taboo despite the evidence of their existence in recent history?

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We all have been subject to at best a raised eye brown, but for the most part instant ridicule, whenever a question about possible falls flag action is raised.

History has shown us that governments across the world are indeed executing falls flag actions of various degree and severities.

From declaring wars:

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Some that stayed in planning stages only:

Political campaigns:

And so on… These are just a very few examples that are well documented and for the most part public knowledge.

With all of this being said and done, raising a question about tower 7, or even questioning the LVPD and FBI about anything remotely related to possible shooters involvement in anything other than random shooting is instantly labeled as lunacy.

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Why does it take so much more to plant a seed of doubt in masses, than to have them conform to the official MSM and government narrative?


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