Families Could Get More Than $14,000 in COVID Relief. It’s Looking More Like Universal Basic Income

  • A new coronavirus relief bill is in the works and it could mean a big payday for some families.
  • New $1,400 stimulus checks plus a more generous child tax credit could give a family of four earning under $150,000 more than $14,000.
  • The initiatives show that the country is opening up to the idea of universal basic income, one political analyst says. The question is: How long will it last?

As Congress works to finalize its latest coronavirus relief bill, some American families are poised to receive a financial windfall.

Between new $1,400 stimulus checks and an enhanced child tax credit, that could add up to more than $14,000 for some families.

“All of the focus has been on the $1,400 when, in reality, for a family of four, they should be focused on the $14,000,” said Ed Mills, Washington policy analyst at Raymond James. Mills wrote about the potential income boost this week.

The new stimulus checks would provide $1,400 per person, including child and adult dependents.



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