When $TLT becomes the most volatile asset in the market, you know it’s about to get fun. Next week Bulls will be obliterated?

The Wave of COVID Bankruptcies Has Begun

Experts warn that because bankruptcies lag other signals of economic distress, a mountain of filings may be to come. New data show what industries might be most at risk.

Massive Restructuring of the Economy Will Likely Generate Further Declines in the Middle Class: MW

Most Americans believe themselves to be members of the middle class. But a new report has shed light on who really makes up this segment of society — and how their numbers are shrinking.

Powell Is Patient But Markets Aren’t, Challenging New Fed Policy

After Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell spent two days telling U.S. lawmakers the economy is in no state to be thinking about monetary tightening, financial markets suddenly started pricing in a rapid — and perhaps too-hot — recovery.

Chaotic Treasury Selloff Fueled by $50 Billion of Unwinding

Market detectives looking to explain the fury of Thursday’s Treasuries selloff will find most of the evidence pointing to technical rather than fundamental reasons. A combination of supply indigestion, a potential $50 billion position unwind and vanishing liquidity exacerbated moves as traders aggressively repriced the Federal Reserve rate-hike outlook…


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