Family Doctors Will Get Bonuses to Turn Patients Into Trannies

by Chris Black

Sounds just like what they’ve done with Covid, i.e. incentivizing doctors to declare people who died in car accidents as covid victims.

Imagine if people were allowed to say what they really think about trannies.

They are brainwashing children into becoming trannies. They are destroying the lives of anyone who questions any of it.

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Family doctors in Britain will be paid by the government when they provide hormone-altering drugs to transgender patients.

The trial scheme, which was launched on Friday, will see General Practitioners (GPs) in Sussex receive £178 per year in taxpayer cash for every person they sign up to take “cross-sex hormone therapy” and an additional £91 a year for annual health checks for transgender, non-binary, and intersex (TNBI) patients, The Times of London reports.


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