FANTASY & DISTRACTION: the insane glorification of Zelensky’s Ukraine, and the final death of Truth.

by John Ward

To your left here is evidence of just how silly the veneration of Poor Little Ukraine has now become in the Western MSM. For the first time in its history, La Dépeche has dropped its red-top identity in favour of the blue and yellow of Volodomyr Zelensky’s fiefdom, in celebration of what it calls a “heroic resistance” to Russian aggression.

In doing so, the paper is in illustrious company, in that the Davos HQ of the WEF and the London bastion of MI6 is also flying the blue-yellow ensign. So you can get some idea of just how “aligned” one of France’s leading tabloids now is. The entire set of Western media is today following a Ukraine narrative every bit as ignorant, mendacious and divorced from reality as “deadly” Covid and its mRNA “vaccines” ever were.

On every level of society – from micro through to macro – the Truth is either absent – or impossible to discern with any degree of certainty.

Shurely shome mishtake?

Our glorious Ministry of Truth – ever watchful in the fight against enemy propaganda – has decided that Russia Today is showing signs of bias and must therefore be severely admonished. Obviously, everything is tickerty-boo in our mainstream media, so Ofcom has enough time on its hands to do a further twelve investigations into RT wickedness.

Con Coughlin (long known as an MI6 stooge) headlines his piece in today’s Telegraph, ‘The oligarchs are turning on Russia’s new Tsar’. Two (that’s 2) oligarchs have issued statements condemning the invasion, and one of them is Ukrainian, so he would say that. There are estimated to be 35 oligarchs in Russia. Yesterday’s Peter Brookes cartoon featured a gross exaggeration of a story (that turns out to have been complete fiction) about women and children being ‘herded off to prison’:

Another “story” in the Smellynaff announces ‘Vladimir Putin’s commanders will be hunted down for war crimes, says Dominic Raab’. The piece omits to mention what the crimes are, nor is there any sign that Boris and Dom have any inside track on the issue. Another post says it is Putin’s “clear intention to divide the country in two”. That piece too is an evidence-free zone.

The Mail says Kherson is the first major Ukrainian city to fall. First? Rubbish – it’s actually far more than that: Zelensky himself gave a terse ‘no comment’ on whether the Russians have seized several cities. It adds that ‘a huge explosion rocked Kyiv’ last night ‘in another brutal attack’. In fact, the main railway station building suffered minor damage, and there are no reports of casualties. It seems that inhabitants ‘heard a big bang and saw flashing lights’. Imagine that. And in the middle of a war, too….whatever next?

The Mirror headlines that ‘Mercenaries from the Wagner Group are have been handed a hit-list of 24 men in Ukraine’s capital Kyiv, including President Volodymyr Zelensky and the two Klitschko brothers’. Zelensky is quoted as saying elsewhere in the paper that the ‘up to 4,000 strong’ group of ‘infamous thugs’ have already been caught and killed, but probably only gently. The subed who dreamed up the numbers obviously got over-excited and ran with ‘are have been handed’. I are have not been given any evidence for that but I are expect the hack originally typed ‘are? have been?’ and it went in as was. The Mirror admits to having “one source”, quoted as saying, “It is run by intelligence operatives, special forces and some extremely blood-soaked people who have done very bad things.” Blood-soaked and very bad and dangerous to know, but not to worry because Volodymyr killed all up to 4,000 of them. No examples or names are offered, but Mr Onesource adds that “In Donbass one member is suspected of rounding up local citizens into Donetsk police station, and having them tortured and killed, with their rotting, mutilated corpses deposited in prominent positions as warnings”. We don’t know who it was, who suspected he did it, and who he was trying to warn.

Even the old neocon Thundering Financial Times today runs with ‘Vladimir Putin, Russia’s resentful leader, takes the world to war…..Pent-up anger with the west and a fixation on Ukraine make him more aggressive and unpredictable than ever’.

But there’s obviously nothing at all to worry Ofcom in all this garbage. Quite right too. Don’t you know there’s a war on?

Anyway, as Howling Mad Dog Lone Crazy Wolf Rasputin reaches for the nuclear option, two things are equally clear to anyone still in possession of an open mind with some content beneath the arachnoid zone. First, Western élite propaganda is setting us up for the distinct possibility of régime change in the Kremlin; and second, nobody is talking about the biggest depopulation poisoning plot in recorded history any more.

From the outset of the Vlad-goading season, the aim of Western political leaders and the MSM has been to present Putin as inhuman, obsessed, deranged, irrational and impossible to control. No mainstream journalist (apart from Peter Hitchens en passant) has yet referred to the 1,300 kilometres NATO/EU has gained territorially since 1997 at the expense of the old USSR….despite a firm on-the-record promise from US President George Bush Snr that NATO “would not move a single inch” eastwards towards the Russian border. Very little coverage has been forthcoming about the billions of US dollars poured into Ukraine to build NATO NGOs and biolabs engaged in cutting edge mRNA/Graphene weapons development. No coverage at all has been centred on wholesale ceasefire violations by the Zelensky régime after the 2014 unpleasantness.

But because he objects to this stealthy advance, Putin is a madman.

Now the emphasis of brainless propaganda has switched to Vlad’s ‘threatened’ position at home. This too is without foundation. A few oligarchs are hacked off about catching a cold on the Western stock markets as a result of the invasion and subsequent sanctions – but this weakens their domestic influence….and anyway, the President controls all the armed and security forces in the Russian Federation. The latest opinion survey among the Russian public shows a huge jump in Putin’s standing as a tough leader.

Getting nowhere on that front, Tuesday’s Western media output focused on crybaby Russian deserters without shoes handing in their weapons and going home, disillusioned by the failure of their forces to make a breakthrough. It’s now obvious, however, that the Russian leader plans a seaborne landing in the South, effectively controls Kharkiv and is breaking the resistance in Kiev. There are no Russians going home.

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Young Impaler

News just in reports that former NATO Supreme Allied Commander Wesley Clark is urging US President Joe Biden to brand Vladimir Putin as a war criminal, because that would “rally European support even more strongly — European governments are all attentive to the concept of war crimes. Secondly, it reinforces Ukraine by supporting President Zelensky. And third, if it goes through, it means the end of Putin as a world leader no matter how this turns out. It’s a very powerful move. Putin doesn’t really care about the money. He does care about his reputation — and so does China.”

Hence the ranting of Raab, Zelensky’s ludicrous claims about mercenaries being sent to give him a lead poison injection, and a manufactured story featuring the arrest and torture of Under Fives Against Putin .

Now all this worries me greatly, because the CIA controllers around the White House hologram really are just megalomaniacal enough to take out Putin, and disguise it as an Oligarch hit. I mean, they got away with blaming JFK’s public execution on former defector Lee Oswald…, um, why not?

Don’t shoot the messenger here: these people steal elections, buy judiciaries and contribute enormously to the US stats on high profile people falling out of high rise offices and careering off roads in “single vehicle traffic accidents”. Such a caper wouldn’t be that big a deal for them.

It would be for us of course, but we don’t count.

One of the reasons we don’t count is that – allegedly – 85% of us outside Africa have been pumped full of nano-particles of mRNA debris in a brass-necked attempt to persuade frightened zombies that this offers immunity against a virus with, on average, around 24 chances in 10,000 of killing them….but much higher chances of being allowed darn the boozer in search of mind alteration – or the Costa del Solace in search of global heating.

To be frank, I remain confused as to whether dicing with thermo-nuclear conflict was a planned or merely “happy” coincidental distraction for the Dystopians. All one can observe with a degree of certainty is that plucky Ukraine has blown Truckers, Intrudeau and beleaguered Pharma crooks off the radar with the force of a 200 megaton dirty hydrogen bomb.

But the collapse of the global pharma narrative continues – albeit for now as Noises Off.

A defeat for the US FDA in a Texas district court forced the agency last Tuesday to start releasing a treasure trove of hundreds of thousands of documents related to its review of Pfizer’s “safe and effective” Covid-19 “vaccine”. The nonprofit that won the court case, known as the Public Health and Medical Professionals for Transparency, promptly released the Pfizer documents on its website. Anti-vax lawyer Aaron Siri, a managing partner of the firm Siri & Glimstad who represented the nonprofit, was quoted as asserting that “the government wanted to hide the data by waiting to fully produce what it relied upon to license this product until almost every American alive today is dead”.

That’s a pretty serious charge to aim at the Fauci tendency; but obviously, it offers a major opportunity for RFK Jr to pile into a serious forensic investigation.

Over the last three months, I have had the feeling on several levels of being nothing but a pawn. I am sick to death of pathetically childish attempts made by others impinging on my life to persuade me that an explanation riddled with holes is anywhere even close to a true account of how I’ve been patronised, flattered, manipulated, controlled and used as a means of excusing their sociopathy.

For an intelligent and analytical person, there is no greater insult than the assumption of gullibility to add to the injury of betrayal. To trust the word of someone – for whom we have felt a degree of admiration – and then find that trust woefully misplaced is a dagger thrust into the soul.

It really makes very little difference whether that person was an old friend who fell short in foul weather, a new amour who turned out to be made of straw, or a person in public life with whom one had always felt an affinity. The sense of loss, disappointment and personal error of judgement sticks in the throat, and we find ourselves muttering, “How did I get that person so wrong?”

It’s sad to reach that stage in the twilight of a life, because it creates a vacuum where once there had been confidence and hope. Last week I reached the over-ripe age of 74. It is hard to listen to the words, “Just cut your losses and move on”. If you can only see half a face at a time, if the State makes travel intolerable, if the media bombard you with heinous lies, if the reality of attempted murder on a planetary scale is undeniable, if intelligent people parrot idiocies, if your family starts to see you as a mad person, and if one has acted in good faith upon promises so casually broken, where exactly is the victim supposed to “move on” to?

I remember one email exchange from January, in which a person wrote angrily to me, “Look, we’ve established that I’m the bad guy in this history, so what the fuck else do you want?” My hugely restrained reply was, “The Truth”.

That is obviously, in 2022, far more than narcissists think we deserve. Probably, it always has been. All the same, it doesn’t make it any easier to bear.




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