Fareed Zakaria: Trump has gotten the presidency by bulls–tting!”

By Gabrielle Seunagal
Last night, CNN host Fareed Zakaria asserted that the President’s success is owed to him “bullshitting his way through life.” Zakaria censured Mr. Trump, branding him as phony and disingenuous, even claiming that Press Secretary Sean Spicer is “forced to humiliate himself everyday because the President does not relent.” In addition to slamming the Commander in Chief for his “indifference to matters that are true or false,” Zakaria failed to provide accurate examples to solidify his erroneous declarations.
Even a fool can dissect Zakaria’s commentary and discover the envious roots in which it is grounded. The President is a multi billionaire and arguably the most powerful man in the world. He is a bestselling author with a plethora of employees working at his hotels, businesses, and golf courses. Mr. Trump is undoubtedly successful; success innately breeds envy. While Zakaria hosted at CNN, the President closed billion dollar deals and ran for office. To suggest that the Commander in Chief “bullshitted his way through life” is absurdly untrue. The President’s vast achievements are offshoots of his work ethic, knowledge, and training. He invested hard work and reaped greatness. Is this not the American Dream? Everyone should aspire to reach the President’s levels of success and affluence.

Zakaria contended that President Trump’s press conference with German chancellor, Angela Merkel served as an instance of merely “putting stuff out there.” This statement was made in connection to surfacing allegations which involve the British government spying on President Trump. Zakaria believes the President is “degrading the office of the Presidency and his top advisors.” Zakaria obviously fails to understand that placing a spotlight on corruption is not degradation. True degradation would be ignoring immoral, if not illegal occurrences and feigning their nonexistence. Several reports concluded that Obama went to great lengths to spy on President Trump throughout the duration of the 2016 campaign; this must be discussed and investigated.
Once again, Democrats fail to understand the fruitlessness of attacking their political foes. Progression in America demands conversation, not slander. Slander engendered liberals’ epic defeat in November and four months later, they still have yet to learn. At this point, Democrats now exist as petulant children who throw tantrums when they fail to obtain their political aspirations. Instead of flagrantly vilifying the President, Zakaria would greatly benefit from observing and taking mental notes. After all, CNN does not have the most favorable or credible reputation at this point in history. Zakaria’s outrageous comments regarding President Trump lack truth, substance, and validity.

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