Farm Bailout LIES! Millions Went To the Rich People Living In Mansions! Here’s Proof.

People need to know this. I just did a video about how the big farms got all of the farm bailout money. But upon closer inspection, it seems that some of the bailout money was funnelled to rich people living in mansions on golf courses! Do you think there will be outrage? Do you think there will be any backlash? Of course not. What do you think about this situation?

We were told that farmers needed a bailout. Industries are subsidized all the time. There are numerous excuses for why this occurs. Ultimately, lobbyists are paid to do their job and they do it well. There are many industries that receive federal bailouts and this goes on regularly. In certain cases, they make the news. But in general, everything remains outside of the public eye. Thankfully, today I will unveil what a Freedom of Information Act has revealed.


Omaha – 2125 S 189th Cir-min.png (1200×766)

Columbus – 1374 CLUBVIEW BLVD S-min.png (1200×740)

Blaine – 12008 JAMESTOWN ST NE-min.png (909×634)

Washington – 401 9TH ST NW STE 640-min.png (1200×693)

Minneapolis – 80 S 8TH ST STE 990-min.png (1036×846)

Nearly 20,000 ‘City Slickers’ Received Farm Subsidies in 2017 | EWG

Update: Trump’s USDA Trade Bailout Flows to City Slickers, a D.C. Lobbyist and ‘Farms’ on Golf Courses | EWG

GAO-18-384R, Farm Programs: Information on Payments




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