Fast Food Danger


Yep fast food and supermarket food.. I won’t eat anything I can’t read the label on. That includes restaurants. Golden Corral for instance does not allow any of their franchises to have real butter anywhere on premises. That says a lot about their food ingredients.

Canola oil is rebranded Canadian oil which is nothing but rapeseed oil originally deployed as pesticide. How much makes it into
restaurant food.

Then there is MSG to make really cheap tasteless food ingredients have some flavor. They don’t care that it crosses the blood brain barrier to make people stupid, or that it eats holes in ones brain. Think Wall Street cares?

Or all the high fructose corn syrup in almost everything and people wonder why they are fat to morbidly obese. Can’t loose weight? That’s one of the culprits.

Or what about natural flavorings or ” other natural flavorings”? What in that which can’t be listed in the ingredients. Flavor enhancers manufactured by Synamex which produced the product for food processing industry, which is extracted from aborted fetal tissue shipped to them via planned parenthood.

Human cannabalism in any other form is still cannabalism regardless of how the human tissue was processed.