Fauci ignored ADE warnings about mRNA. CDC’s own data proves vaccines are counter-productive

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by John Ward


The National Institutes of Health (NIH) is the primary Federal agency for conducting and supporting medical research in the United States. It received this warning from renowned drug consultants John Wiley & Sons in 2020:

ADE has been a widely noted serious side effect of mRNA “vaccines” being employed by health bureaucrats across the world. It stands for Antibody-Dependent Enhancement: previous respiratory syncytial virus and dengue virus vaccine studies revealed human clinical safety risks related to ADE, resulting in failed vaccine trials. Anthony Fauci was copied on the Wiley study, and almost certainly knew of the risks long before that. But the information was suppressed. ADE can create an “overkill” reaction to viruses that causes major problems – in that it often leads to the body’s natural immune system getting compromised, and starting to attack vital organs.

If you want to know how major the problems are likely to be, read this and worry: for over two decades, “vaccines” that produce spiked protein mRNA or adenovirus were trialed on lab animals Though the test subjects initially did acquire antibodies, on meeting SARS-CoV-1, the cats and ferrets injected with the “vaccines” all died.

Reuters “fact-checkers” debunked the leaks about such trials. They lied. In the UK, a trial of the vaccine in rhesus macaque monkeys did not stop the animals from catching the virus. Half were injected with Oxford Recovery’s Astrazeneca’s formulation, half weren’t. All the injected macaques died; the infected but not injected survived. OR has remained specious at best about the suppression of this information. But the highly respected Daily Telegraph confirmed it some fifteen months ago.

Fast forward now to the real world of disease control, and weigh up these official findings:


35,227 DEATHS and 3,679,601 INJURIES following experimental covid injections have to date been reported to CDC VAERS (USA) through to July 23, 2021, to EudraVigilance (consists of 27 countries only in the EU reporting to the EU EMA EudraVigilance) through to July 31, 2021 and to the Yellow Card System (U.K.) through to July 21, 2021.

UNITED STATES from December 14, 2020, through July 23, 2021.
via VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System)
11,940 deaths, 1,175 premature deaths of unborn children, 518,770 cases consisting of
618,648 injuries

During the reporting period, over 342 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines were administered in the United States from December 14, 2020, through July 26, 2021. During this time, VAERS received 6,340 reports of death (0.0019%) among people who received a COVID-19 vaccine.

Two things to note here: that death rate is wrong, period. Nearly half of the 342 million had already been double-jabbed, so the percentage of deaths is actually around 25-30% higher as a percentage than 0.0019% – more like 0.0025%. The percentage of the global human population that has died from Covid19 thus far is 0.0024%. Just fancy that.

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Fauci claims that this death-rate is acceptable….but he can’t have it both ways: mental problems have been created, economies trashed, Treasury debts inflated and Civil Rights brutally crushed; and the Pharmafia’s end solution is a “vaccine” that doesn’t seem to immunise very effectively, and will kill more than it will cure in immediate side-effects alone…never mind fatal Cytokinic over-reaction later.

For some reason, the term Final Solution springs to mind. I wonder why?

I’m indebted as so often to US gp Dr John Day, who reports (complete with links fully supplied below here) on yet more utterly ludicrous holes in the propaganda garbage we’re being handed out under the guise of ‘the narrative’.

Two documents (one leaked, one official) from the CDC say pretty much the same thing: there is no difference between the infection rates of vaccinated and non-vaccinated people. So the idiot CDC spokeswoman from last week blatantly lied when she called this ‘new stage of the war’ the spread of Covid among the unvaccinated. Daft tart proved wrong by boss shock. Dr Day comments:

Why would I get such a shot at this point in time? The only reason I can think of is that if I don’t, you’ll take my job away, and/or severely screw with my life, and rights, and freedoms, in other ways‘.

Living as I do under the bisexual jackboot of Emmanuel Macron, I concur with John, purely because such things will be enshrined in the legal code of liberté and fraternité here two weeks from now.

The CDC has also released a study showing that 3 out of 4 Delta variant infections are among those already vaccinated.

Yet another report concludes that memory antibodies selected over time by natural infection have greater potency and breadth than antibodies elicited by vaccination.

As I’ve written many times before, the State reactions to Covid19 simply do not bear even the most cursory examination. We are told that we must get jabbed with something that has dangerous immediate side-effects, is of highly dubious efficacy, and contains longer term fatal consequences already established during animal trials still shrouded in Virusecrecy.

At very best, it is a scam on behalf of Big Pharma to create the world’s longest gravy-train. More likely – the evidence suggests – it is the first stage in a global journey towards totalitarian control via the use of baseless fears. At worst, it is a psychotic plan hatched by technocratic giga-rich fanatics to solve the “overpopulation problem” at a stroke.

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Yesterday, I posted here about the need for the Liberty Resistance to bring forth reliable, tough, moral and magnetic heroes. I’d like to add to that wishlist. I’d like to welcome an MSM ‘deserter’ into the fold who has everything to lose and nothing to gain. A person determined to offer blood, toil, tears and sweat….and mean it.

In our current oligarchies, such people are hen’s teeth…..and those who would wear the mantle seem to be made of straw.

The ramifications of that reality are dawning on even rickety old pacifists like me. But if the horribly obvious aim of the New World Reich and its creatures is to deliver a planet where technology promises irreversible dystopia, what are we to do?

In 2021, we have more to fear than fear itself. We must face up to the very real physical power that these soi-disant Supermen have acquired by stealth.

But they will make mistakes, and underestimate what grieving and close-to-starving citizens will do.

At the first sign of any chink in their armour, we must strike with clinical precision. Organisation designed to thwart attacks on human dignity is vital; and as the Left no longer understands the anthropology of dignity based on freedom, such a Resistance Front must welcome converts from the insistent cultural Marxists…but continue to reject the ideology they once worshipped.

Bon courage.

John Ward is unimpressed by Britain being among the best in the world at Olympic skateboarding, or Hannah Mills being the most decorated female Olympic sailor after winning gold with Eilidh McIntyre, or Team GB’s Ben Maher being in contention for a showjumping medal, or why people are talking about the Tokyo track or why Katarina Thompson is out of the heptathlon. It’s hopelessly infected by the pclgbtqtrans virus, for which there in no known cure. Bah, humbug.



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