Fauci Owes Answers To All Americans For Misleading Them About COVID-19 After Newly Released E-mails From Beginning Of Outbreak Surface

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On Wednesday, Dr. Anthony Fauci appeared on MSNBC with Nicolle Wallace for his first public appearance since the release of his private e-mails via the FOIA early this week.

Among the more pertinent subjects in said e-mails include Fauci willingly dismissing the notion of COVID leaking from a Wuhan lab despite being warned by scientists that the virus looked “engineered”. Fauci also brushed off an e-mail from a physicist who tried to alert him that China was engaging in a COVID cover-up telling the sender that it was “too long” for him “to read”.

Also revealed in the released e-mails is how Fauci helped out and was thanked by Dr. Peter Daszak, who had heavy connections to the Wuhan lab, for publicly dismissing the theory that COVID leaked from the laboratory.

Fauci even explained in an e-mail that face masks were useless because the virus is able to pass through them before going on to promote face masks as hindering the spread of COVID.

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Tucker Carlson also pointed out that Fauci likely committed perjury by denying to the Senate he was involved with “gain of function” research at the Wuhan lab despite his e-mails saying otherwise.

With all of this said, it is absolutely baffling how MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace treated this interview…

Wallace told Fauci:

The true mark of someone is that they look good even when their personal emails come out. So you pass a test very few of us would pass.

Does Fauci look good? He owes the American people answers for misleading and misinforming them during a time of crisis. The Wuhan lab leak theory, which Fauci called “disinformation” at a point, is now in the mainstream media and being seriously reported – despite Trump being lambasted for suggesting it.

Wallace did not mention any of the revelations contained in the newly released e-mails and instead conducted a softball interview that deflected from any of the real issues at hand. Wallace has a track record of truly abysmal reporting so this shouldn’t be surprising – but this interview truly hits a stupefying new low of media misreporting and accountability.

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