FBI Agent Was Officially CHARGED And That’s Just The Start

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From the inception of the Trump Administration, they’ve been plagued by leaks. Security officials have been determined to find and stop the leaks, but up until now, it’s been stopping one leak only to find another in its place. The general theory has been that the Obama era holdovers were responsible for making sure that the Trump Administration was neutralized by their information going out to adversarial media outlets, almost in real time.

While several of the leaks have been found to be very close to the President, there have been others popping up along the way as well. However, information provided by both the Daily Wire and Fox News points to a criminal information leak coming out of the Justice Department. More specifically, the FBI. Ironically, the investigation that disgruntled Democrats insisted on, following the 2016 win of President Trump, has been what uncovered the corruption on the part of federal employees who sympathize with the leftist agenda.

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According to Daily Wire, the most recent source of the leaks is an FBI agent with short ties to former FBI Director James Comey:

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“This week, the Justice Department’s National Security Division charged an FBI agent based in Minneapolis with leaking classified information to the media in a move similar to other recent alleged leaks, including by former FBI Director James Comey.

Terry James Albury, who worked in counterterrorism, was charged with ‘one count of ‘knowingly and willfully’ transmitting documents and information relating to national defense to a reporter for a national news organization,’ Minnesota Public Radio reported. Albury faces another criminal charge for refusing to hand over documents to the government.


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