FBI Director James Comey Has Lost America’s Trust And Must Recuse Himself From Trump Team Leaks Case.

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by Pamela Williams
FBI Director James Comey must recuse himself from the Trump Transition Team surveillance and leaks case.  On March 20, 2017 he lied to the House Intelligence Committee when he said there was no evidence President Trump had been surveilled.
In fact, he knew there was evidence, as he met with a whistleblower and his lawyer two years ago.  Saying that, he was duty bound to investigate that case represented by Larry Klayman of FREEDOM WATCH.  It is apparent he did not investigate or document said evidence.
It is, too, apparent the reason he canceled a closed door classified meeting today March 28, 2017 with the House Intelligence Committee was due to the lie he told on March 20, 2017.  Now WE THE PEOPLE have to wait for Comey to show up…if he ever does.  Time to go, Director Comey!

Comey said himself in his own published manual detailing these rules, the rules boil down to “one fundamental precept: Public service is a public trust.” And Comey has lost that trust.  Comey has to be aware of his own mistakes investigating Clinton, surveillance charges by President Trump, and any investigation of the hoax of Trump/Russia coordination.
The following are the major reasons Comey actually should step down as FBI Director:
First, Comey, or one of his closest allies or staff members with the FBI is most likely…lets just be frank, probably the leaker…or allegedly so.
Second, Comey’s conduct is already under review by the Inspector General for his office’s mishandling of the last major political investigation his office undertook.
Third, Comey failed to speak up about his deputy director, Andrew McCabe’s failure to recuse himself in the Clinton Foundation inquiry.
Fourth, he failed to speak up about former Attorney General Lynch’s failure to recuse herself in the Clinton emails investigation.
Fifth, Comey’s recent performance before the Committee raised more questions than confidence about both his independence and impartiality in any leaks inquiry.
When you review the above list, there is no doubt there is good reason to get rid of James Comey.  He just failed to do his job too many times.  Plus, these were serious mistakes which have cost the American people to doubt the integrity of the FBI.
These are Comey’s own words:  “integrity is the value that binds together the very fabric of our institutional identity. It defines us and what we stand for; it is how we operate and how we measure our success. In short, integrity is the touchstone for everything we do.”
How much clearer can it get?
FBI Director James Comey’s conduct last week at the Congressional hearings saw him possibly violate numerous ethical commands of his officers. First, a key duty of an FBI agent requires avoiding announcing their mind-reading exercises in public. For example, Comey’s own manual requires public disclosures about ongoing cases  “should include only incontrovertible, factual matters, but should not include subjective observations.” Comey was filled with the kind of psychoanalytic, from-a-distance speculation about Russia and Putin that would even put the Hawaii Trump-hating judge to shame. Second, Comey cited unreliable, partial sources that could not be used as credible evidence in court.  Comey made claims of hacking servers he admitted the DNC did not even allow him or his team to forensically review. Comey relied on DNC vendor, and Russia-phile, organization Crowdstrike, even when informative tech industry experts revealed Crowdstrike had a history of questionable accusations concerning Russia, and Crowdstrike received funding from the DNC. This compounds complaints from Senators that Comey tried to put the author of the discredited dossier on the FBI payroll, the same dossier Bob Woodward even called garbage. This all culminated when Comey came under further scrutiny after Congressional Intelligence Committee Chairman Nunes reported intercepts of Trump communications less than 48 hours after Comey reported he knew of “no information” to support Trump’s tweets about wiretapping of Trump or Trump Tower.
In our modern age, all electronic communication uses what the law defines as “wires” to transmit messages. This has allowed the federal government to dramatically expand its jurisdiction in a range of civil and criminal matters, through authority over “interstate wires.” Any intercept of an electronic communication is considered a “wiretap” in our age. This includes emails, cell phones, landlines, texts, computer interaction, bank wires, etc. Comey implied no such surveillance by his “no information” to support Trump comment, then less than 48 hours later we get the Nunes disclosures of “incidental” intercepts of Trump team communiques. Comey may be a wanna-be Hoover, with his proclamations he intends to be in office a long time, but even Hoover knew to keep his ethical breaches mostly private.
Comey is right about the importance of public trust, and that public trust now compels his recusal from an investigation into the deep state leaking against President Trump. Sessions took the honorable path to be above reproach. Will Comey?
Published on Mar 28, 2017
Today, March 28th, 2017, James Comey will be exposed in a closed door hearing! Attorney Larry Klayman will be there! See article and call the number Larry gives you on the first video in the article!

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3 thoughts on “FBI Director James Comey Has Lost America’s Trust And Must Recuse Himself From Trump Team Leaks Case.

  1. If you go to the Iowa Electronic Markets – IEM, run by the University of Iowa and review the price of options during the past election, you will discern that Comey’s investigation of Weiner’s laptop made the differences in the election.
    Comey is a disaster to both the Hillary and Trump, the incompetent should be fired!

    • Due to Comey being a Hussein holdover, why wasn’t he fired by POTUS Trump at the very git-go? It will be impossible for POTUS Trump to Make America Great Again when he does nothing about the leakers, CFR globalists & Progressives that were left behind by the Obama administration. I thought Trump was wise enough to realize that.

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