President Trump Meets With Women Entrepreneurs

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By Gabrielle Seunagal
President Trump and Vice President Pence recently sat down with women small business owners in America to discuss the empowerment and promotion of women in the business world. Women play a critical role in business and provide thousands of jobs to the American people, while simultaneously boosting the economy. The President and his administration were thrilled to converse with today’s women small business owners in regards to the continuation of women’s success in entrepreneurship. Women are the breadwinners in up to 40% of American households.
Throughout the duration of the meeting, President Trump assured that his administration would continue to endorse policies that aid working families and make childcare affordable and accessible. He acknowledged the struggles that some women  have faced in the business world, particularly when attempting to access capital, markets, and certain networks. The President also noted that First Daughter Ivanka Trump has been a strong advocate for women entrepreneurs.

Vice President Pence was an active participant in the meeting and thanked all of the present business owners. He stated that the Trump administration will serve as an ally to women entrepreneurs, while also touching on the vast impact that female business owners have on the job market and economy: over 9.4 million firms with 8 million employees, totalling annual revenues of $1.5 trillion. VP Pence continued by announcing that the President will work for a reduction in regulation and taxes coupled with investments in fair trade and infrastructure and healthcare affordability for workers across the nation. The Trump administration will arguably do more for women in business than any previous President.
It is an honor and privilege to have a Commander In Chief who is working so hard to advance women entrepreneurship. As a freelance writer, the President’s policies will have a vast impact on me as I work to start my Limited Liability Company (LLC) and personal foundation to promote entrepreneurship amongst young people. Each and every American should acknowledge the benefits of President Trump’s principles of action and express sincere gratitude. Thank you Mr. President for working so hard to better the lives of the American people.

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