FBI Director James Comey Has Opened Up A Can Of Worms On The Trump Administration AND On The American People

by Pamela Williams
I cannot tell any of you if what they are accusing President Trump and his Associates of is true.  I can tell you if it is, this Country will be torn apart.  As usual, the hearing on Capitol Hill with FBI Director James Comey and NSA Director Michael Rogers, was geared toward finding guilt of wrongdoing within the Trump Team, while the Obama and Clinton Team remain squeaky clean.
Comey opened up by announcing the Bureau is investigating possible links and coordination between Russia and associates of President Donald Trump as part of a broader probe of Russian interference in last year’s presidential election.  The extraordinary revelation, and the first public confirmation of an investigation that began last summer, came at the outset of Comey’s opening statement in a congressional hearing examining Russian meddling and possible connections between Moscow and Trump’s campaign.  He acknowledged that the FBI does not ordinarily discuss ongoing investigations, but said he’d been authorized to do so given the extreme public interest in this case.
It was made clear that there was no proof that Russia tampered with the 2016 Election Voting System to help Trump win.  Instead this investigation will be looking at coordination between the Trump Camp and Russia.  They stressed the word, “coordination.”   They accused the following people of Russian ties:

  1. Roger Stone – knew Podesta’s emails were going to be hacked – communicated with Guccifer 2
  2. Paul Manafort – involved with Ukraine – lobbyed for Russia – should have registered in the US as a foreign agent.  Manafort involved with Ukraine corruption case – Ukraine asked  government for assistance to access to Paul Manafort  – DOJ confirmed assistance on this matter.
  3. General Michael Flynn – should have registered in the US as a foreign agent of Turkey and of Russia – violated FARA – spoke at Russian gala for RT, received $35,000 and lied to Yahoo that he received it.  Flynn met with Russian Ambassador and did not disclose it.
  4. Rex Tillerson – in 2008 when Tillerson CEO Exxon Mobile, Russia was poor investment opportunity – Tillerson made deal with Rosnef Oil  – Exxon goes into Black Sea – 2012 Putin and Tillerson toasting champagne – Tillerson receives Russian order of friendship.

I want to say here that Rex Tillerson is a business man just like Donald Trump.  Of course, they are going to establish what business connections they can.  I think some ot the trouble we are seeing here stems from business men taking government jobs.  Most Presidents are politicians; therefore, we are looking at a new situation here.
They spoke about the leaks that came out regarding the Trump Administration and the news media reporting on them to be a criminal offense.  Gowdy spoke about the leaks and reporting of the leaks by Washington Post and  New York Times.  He said that classified information was leaked and threatened National Security. He spoke about  FISA is critical to National Security,  but preserves the privacy of US citizens.  It is a felony up to 10 years if unlawfully leaked.  He spoke directly  to Comey while saying this.  He repeated the following a number of times FISA CRITICAL TO NATIONAL SECURITY – safeguards to protect US citizens – classified and legally protected – unauthorized leaked felony to ten years in prison
He also said the Washington Post sited that 9 officials leaked calls.  New York times discussed that Russian sanctions were spoken about in calls.  Further the NYT said phone records and intercepted NSA captured calls were spoken about; thus, disseminated classified information.
The following was in reference to what President Trump tweeted about Obama wiretapping him and other things he said that Comey commented on.  Comey said that absolutely no evidence that Obama wiretapped or surveilled Trump.
Plus, no evidence that the Brits were involved in any wiretapping.  They stated that Trump saying this could have possibly hurt our relationship with Britain?  Comey said he did not think so.
Below are my rough notes on this:
TRUMP PRESIDENT:  OBAMA WIRETAPPED MY PHONES – ASKS COMEY IF TRUE?  Comey says not true. Tweets not true – DOJ has no information to support tweets.
McCarthyism?  No information to support them. Is it  legal for a sitting president to wiretap a new President?  Comey says, NO  individual can do that – has to go through a judge – no president could.
Was President turned down by a court?  Comey says, can’t comment.  Comey asked “ anything that relates to FISA?” Comey says, no information to support President’s tweets.
Did British intelligence wiretap trump for Obama?  Comey: No – nothing on NSA side – violation of US law.  British said nonsense and utter ridiculous.  President made baseless claim – hurt relationship but strong enough to deal with it.  
President Trump said Merkel and Trump wiretapped by Obama.  Did that reference to Snowden disclosures hurt our relationship with Merkel? 
As you can see they made Trump and his Administration look like they were involved with Russia in some type of a conspiracy.
Comey basically said:

  1. Obama totally innocent did nothing wrong.
  2. Trump conspired with Russia – made baseless wiretap claims – accused Obama of things he had not done.
  3. Russia had clear preference for Donald Trump because they hated Clinton.

Gowdy said this about journalists publishing classified information:  guility of the Logan Act.- GOWDY to Comey – no exception to publish classified information – no exception for reporters – Logan Act – how would they know if an agent make a call to foreign power – intercepted phone calls leaked to reporters!
Rep. Peter King said this to Comey – Obama helped Russia.  Remember the mic instance when he told Putin he would have more power later?  Clapper said no evidence of any collusion at all between Trump and Russians.
Comey said these things were clues about Trump’s and Russia’s relationship:
Russia hates NATO and so does Trump.
Russia would like to see sanctions go away.
Russians want business leaders in charge.
The following are more rough comments I made:
Mike Morell of the CIA said “smoke but no fire at all of Trump conspiring with Russia.”
Rep. King said he had never seen such a sustained period of leaks.  Media talking unusually active.
Someone insinuated FBI  told New York Times – went to Trump Tower to meet with Trump – Comey gave Trump dossier – media publishes it – who leaked that in hours ?
Gowdy says, leaks of classified info in media should be prosecuted.  Who leaked the dossier?  There were four people in the room with Trump – WHO DID IT?
Gowdy continues to ask Comey,  “who else in room that day? Clapper and Brennan?
When will we know something from you,  Comey?  
It became heated between Comey and Gowdy.
Following is my rough note when I realized what was going on…really going on.
Trump denied Putin’s role in Ukraine – Manafort , Page , Flynn – fired – Russian connections.
OMG…they are saying trump is a Russian agent! My thought as I ended the coverage.
I am ending it here, but I am in such shock.  Comey is a mf who cannot be trusted, and when Trump told him to stay on as FBI Director he was already in the midst of this investigation.  Gowdy and Rep. King did their best to intimidate Comey with the facts.  Comey continuously said, “No comment.”
I cannot believe that Obama and Clinton are roaming around free and clear while Comey is trying his best to destroy our sitting President.
Source:  Pamela Williams
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