GERMAN car manufacturer OPEL running commercials to show that Muslims are a lot smarter than Germans

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by BNI
If OPEL sells cars in your country, you should tell them that because of these insulting commercials, you’ll make sure no one you know will ever buy their cars.
h/t Milliard
Previously posted here, the German government is also running the same kind of anti-German/pro-Muslim public service commercials.

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40 thoughts on “GERMAN car manufacturer OPEL running commercials to show that Muslims are a lot smarter than Germans

  1. Well… Germans did elect Merkel, so maybe just about everyone on the planet IS a lot smarter than them…

  2. Americans elected the worst president ever twice because they wanted a black one. In American commercials the white guy is always the yokel and have you noticed that blacks are always over represented in ours? What about all the other races in this country, why are they not in the commercials? The Muslims are real bad because they rape and kill, well blacks have been mass raping and killing here for years. The European governments are doing to whites there as ours has to us here you better not say anything or you will be called a racist or go to jail. Look up the number of backs raping white women versus whites raping black women.

    • And every commercial pushes black male and White woman, denigrating White males …….. now who is it in advertizing agencies that would coordinate that?

    • not as you think ,many well educated moslems are wealthy in Germany more over in US next time you visit any hospital make sure you put your Prejudice at home or you might die

      • really? hmm then explain the following “if” there are many well educated wealthy muslims in germany.. refugees have already cost Germany $1,241,050,000,000—this number will only grow, especially since Germany is now paying refugees to leave.
        Why would they be paying Muslims to leave if they are so well educated and wealthy??

        • stop doing ,helping isis terrorists bombing Syria, Iraq and already fk-ed up Libya. Qaddafi warned you about destabilization of his country and negative consequences like flow of refugees if he is toppled but know you had to do it or blindly obey US zionists even though your government knew it is wrong nowy ou pay the consequences and about rich moslem yes there many including the corrupt Qattari s and saudis can buy and sell you or destroy your economy if they decide to do so there many highly educated millions of muslems like Iranians and Arabs that are in medical fields , nasa, engineers that are living above US standards including in uk, Germany and Sweden.Iran has been housing 6 million afghani and one million Iraqi refugees for past 39 years because of fk-up policy of us/russia and your stooge government now you crying about money you have been spending for last freaking few years because of your own wrong doing. multiculturism brought to you by west and your own design . when you sleep with dogs you get flees.

          • noted by it’s glaring absence, you completely failed to address or even attempt to answer my question. Why is that?
            Instead of answering my question, you drone on about something else BECAUSE YOU CAN’T ANSWER MY QUESTION, BECAUSE THE FACTS DON’T SUPPORT YOUR BS LIES!!!!

          • i just told you ,you associate muslims by the tribal look of arabic fashions like wearing Hejabs …there are over one and half million Iranian jews and moslems in california alone and millions more in Washington DC or Florida and so on …you envy to be one of them even most of the traditionalist muslems are all highly educated than you fking loser Europeans the same with lebanese or indians some even palestinians that are contributing to these society and have better cars than that zhity Opel offers in your neck of the wood , you cant detect them to be muslim or not because of the way culturally are not Arabs different from the type you receive from other part of the world. you are misinformed and ignoramus racist fk to generalize all muslims. what a somalian muslim have in common with iranian, Chinese, indian,chechen or backward saudi muslim?,or vise versa ans. is none, you are islamophobic anti semite it is in your fking European DNA you did these 50 years ago to jews the same way, you just like to ridicule anyone different than you. over six millions Afghani invaded Iran and they are being taking care of by Iranian government for past 40 years and you brought that zhit to them, Iranian didnt ask for that you then did to Iraq too and you dont see Iranian bitching about it because that is what humanity is about, eventhough you brought that to yourself because you cant mind your own F business. your government is responsible for its actions as it commits murder for profit then stfu you pay when those refugee try to dodge your bombs that your government drop on them . you cant filter refugees you have to take them good and bad as mostly are uneducated ,some child molesters some murderers and many bad seeds are among them some have been committing the same crap crime, theft, rape, murder in Iran too but you never hear about it , not all is well anywhere .stop bitching

          • your dissertation of bs is quite impressive, but utterly fails to address or acknowledge my question of your claim..

          • well i gave you clear examples about muslims living in US but it seems you don’t comprehend it and it goes over your head.

          • you gave clear examples about muslims in the US.. HOWEVER, the conversation is about muslims in GERMANY, you dumbass!

          • no i mentioned the shithole you come from first but seems you are a real phaktard and dont get it , now phakoff get out of your mum’s basement get some education pos nazi A-hole

          • muslims don’t have to be labeled, you can smell them! They don’t bathe.. it’s not rocket science!
            You also managed “conveniently” to refuse to answer my first question.. AGAIN!
            SO are you going to answer it or continue with your posting jihad mountain of stupidity?

          • most Arabs do smell like Zhit like most fat german pig females.but i agree with you most arabs like saudis smell like you pos , pure Zhit . but the gulf Arabs their watches worth more than the zhit hole you call a house and they know their hygienes very well as i said you Are a Garbage Nazi that like to Generalize .i am sure in your society people are generally classified to multiple levels as well and the unfortunates smell like you pure Zhit . ps. i answered you multiple times but you wont get it phaktard

          • and you still ignore my question.. because you know i’m right.. you can’t explain it! which means YOUR OPINION IS WRONG..
            And of course, as expected, you grasp the last resort of someone who knows his posts are lies.. ad hominem nazi bs!
            I would ask you to explain why I’m a nazi but you can’t even explain your first lie.. so it would be futile to ask you anything further, especially given that reality doesn’t exist in your bubble!

          • that’s the response of a loser, who knows he has no more arugment.. so the last gasp, scream racist, as though that somehow deflects from his LIES!

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          • No one has to label you, it’s clear to the entire English reading world..
            Now lets see your definition of nazi and racist.. I’ll bet i don’t meet “even your” definition!

          • do you understand English? from your post, the answer is no you don’t! “I ASKED YOU” for YOUR definitions.. not for you to run out and post a link.. are you always this ignorant?
            Do you not possess the mental ability to EXPLAIN YOUR OWN DEFINITIONS or do you always rely on someone’s else’s opinion?

          • . m-fker nazi german wants to know if i comprehend English,lol i guess your mom ‘s boyfriend is over tonight and makes so much noise bangging your mum keeps you awake in basement and makes you angry fk nazi to take your frustration out of me.

          • how sad and pathetic that you don’t possess the skill set to explain yourself.. all you have is your childish bs..
            Wake me when you can be an adult and explain YOURSELF!

          • that isn’t true, you can’t substantiate your LIE! go on then, pull some more lies out of your ass WHILE YOU IGNORE MY QUESTION because YOU DO NOT POSSESS THE SKILL SET TO EXPLAIN YOUR INSANITY!

          • don’t take my words for it, ask any Brits would tell you besides the jews and Americans.despicable NAZI

          • Still can’t explain yourself like an adult i see!! Were you dropped on your head as a child purposely? I suspect so!
            TRY ANSWERING MY QUESTION.. what are your definitions of nazi/racist?? I await your next stupid reply that doesn’t address my question!

  3. oddly less than one percent of muslim immigrants in Germany are employed.. who the hell is Opel going to sell cars to?? muslims without jobs?? BRILLIANT PLAN!

  4. This is insane!!!Not only that, the German people are paying for this people to be there!!! Most aren’t educated and hate western ways and western people! I just hope that the German potato salad had bits of pork like most do! LOL

  5. Pathetic. Opel is a German car maker owned by French automotive company Groupe PSA with GM being a major stakeholder.
    So Opel is proudly a globalist company that manufactures garbage cans on wheels. Like Mercedes, BMW and Audi. Very unreliable cars after the 90-s.
    So where is the Muslim made car Opel? Since your isn’t even German. The neue Astra is a joke!

    • Was not laughing last summer when I rented one for a month. I was the slowest on the road, was even thinking getting out and giving it a push occasionally. An abomination of a driving experience. I drive an older Saturn Astra, only those pass whom I let. The Opel Astra is probably the “new” engineers’ idea of a spruced up camel. Would not want it for free!

  6. He is comparing a false religion or cult to a race of people muslim is not a race of people so not comparing apples to apples. How smart can a muslim be if he is led to believe in a false prophet and a false religion? How smart can a muslim be if he believes that God would give him virgins for his deeds and there is no sex in heaven? How smart can a muslim be if he thinks God would want him to diddle little boys and goats? How smart can a muslim be if he thinks God wishes him to beat his wife at will, and hide her in black clothing in extreme heat? How smart can a muslim be if he does not know that God gives man free will and that muslims take it away with my way or off with your head? Now the Germans had they not been forced into at least 2 major wars would be leading the world in many aspects as proven by what they accomplished in inventions and great product development before the wars and even during. Tanks, submarines. cameras, automobiles, planes, the list is almost endless can we say the same about muslims? While Arabs did invent things, they are and were and will remain Arabs, not muslims. Muslims including their false prophet mohammand believe it is ok to marry and have sex with girls as young as nine, would they want me to have sex with their daughters at age of nine? I doubt it, so now not only are they not smart, but they are big hypocrites. How smart can they be when they run from their own nations, rather then fight for it, and then try to change the nations they run to by being mean evil and stupid. This guy can take his cars and shove them where the sun don’t shine as his sales should drop to the point of the company going bankrupt, now this tells me, he might be just as stupid as the described above and must be a muslim.

  7. The commercial is showing the growing trend among young Europeans, which are addicted to electronic stuff and lack the social skills. It is very true even if you hate the commercial. Return to the nature could be the slogan too.

    • The best I got was about 4 litres per hundred, that was down on the canyon side, wind blowing from behind and I was pushing it.

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