FBI Investigation or Not, Bernie Has Always Been a Fraud

by Tesseract

Last week, CBS News announced that everyone’s favorite champagne socialist, Bernie Sanders, and his wife Jane Sanders, are under FBI investigation for bank fraud. The case is regarding a $10 million loan that Jane Sanders took out to expand the now bankrupt Burlington College. The federal agents are claiming that Jane Sanders misrepresented the college’s ability to pay back the loan by distorting the truth about the level of donor contributions. Bernie Sanders in now under the gun because he used his political influence to put pressure on the bank so that they would give Jane Sanders the loan.
Whether or not the Sanders’ are found guilty, anyone who follows Bernie objectively knows that this is only one indication of him being a complete fraud. My first inclination that Bernie was not who he claimed to be came in the form of a chilling message from Ron Paul when he was trying to get the Audit the Fed Bill passed.

Bernie actively sabotaged the bill to prevent a true audit of the Federal Reserve Bank. Why would someone who says he is against big banks prevent us from seeing the truth about one of the largest and most secretive banks in the world?
The next clue that told me Bernie was a fraud was his 2014 tax returns. Bernie only paid a rate of 13.5% compared to the average rate for his income bracket of 15.2%. Sanders is always lecturing us about how the top 1% don’t pay their fair share in taxes. He uses every advantage of the tax system to limit how much he pays into the federal government like any rational human does. The problem is that Bernie doesn’t practice what he preaches, which is empowering the federal government to run everyone’s life.
Possibly the most egregious and unforgivable of all Bernie’s hypocracies is the fact that he endorsed Hillary Clinton after WikiLeaks proved she cheated him out of the election.
Bernie was supposed to be against big banking, corporatism and war mongering. Yet, he laid down without a fight when Hillary – who represents everything that he was supposedly against — trampled all over him. That fact that he was bought off with houses, access to private jets and a quick rise to the top 1%, shows that you don’t need an FBI investigation to see that Bernie is a fraud.