FBI “made up’ need for intent for Hillary emails. The Left now IGNORING need for intent in campaign finance law.

The end of the matter is that it WASN’T illegal. Period. They have nothing. Trump’s lawyer paid a bimbo hush money out of Trump’s personal funds to prevent a salacious story from being spread in the media. Mueller is arguing that because the salacious story would have hurt his presidential prospects, that this payment constitutes an “in kind” campaign expenditure and that paying it without properly declaring it as such is a violation of campaign finance laws.

1) No, it isn’t a campaign expenditure just because you want it to be, and therefor isn’t governed by any campaign finance laws no matter how much the Desperate Democrats try to twist it. For it to be an “in kind” expenditure, it would need to be demonstrated that the payment would not have occurred were it not for his presidential campaign, which is ridiculous. Trump has an international brand name to protect and I’m sure has paid off plenty of bimbos not to spread damaging stories long before he ever ran a presidential campaign.

2) Even if it was, violation of campaign finance law is not an impeachable or even criminal offense. If Trump were ultimately guilty of everything they claim he is, he pays a fine and gets on with his presidency; the same thing Obama did before him for a much bigger and more egregious violation.

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This is just 100% more fake news PR disinformation to get the brainless zombies on the left frothing about “DRUMPF IS FINISHED” and shake things up in time for the midterms. Expect more bullshit like this, because the Desperate Democrats and their pet special council are going to be pulling out all the stops leading up to November.

Remember when Mueller’s special council was about investigating collusion between Trump’s campaign and Russia? The Desperate Democrats apparently don’t.

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