FBI Reclassifying Cases as “Domestic Violent Extremism” to Push Anti-White Narrative, Whistleblowers Claim

by Chris Black

This is a huge story.

According to multiple FBI whistleblowers:

1) The FBI has a system of promotions and rewards for agents who target right-wing white men.

2) Most “domestic violent extremism” investigations have nothing to do with terrorism, but are falsely categorized as such to fill a political quota.

3) FBI agents share the same beliefs as left-wing activists and the few who are not are isolated and fired.

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4) Christopher Wray and various Special-Agents-In-Charge are putting enormous pressure on field agents to find and manufacture white terrorists despite it now distracting from legitimate law enforcement activity.

We all already knew this was happening, and we could point to the completely fake statistics provided by the ADL, which the FBI takes seriously.

But it sure is nice to have it confirmed that they aren’t just passively acting on the ADL’s fake statistics, but actively re-categorizing crimes in order to demonize white people as part of this strange race war they are pumping up.

This is all leading up to some kind of attempted genocide.

The way the media is talking about whites is totally out of control.

And now we know that the FBI is actively attempting to fake white crimes.


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