The investigation into the events at the Capitol on Jan 6 has not borne much fruit.

From the beginning, the Biden DOJ has tried to cast blame on then-President Trump for any and all of the events that day but has not succeeded in finding evidence against the 45th president. A few individuals have been found to have broken laws either that day or after, such as ignoring subpoenas. but no charges have been brought against former President Trump.

The lengthy investigation has some suspicions of the reason for the attempt to smear the 45th president, and such a reason would obviously be partisan. The attempt is still in place.

President Joe Biden and his team try to make the case that supporters of Donald Trump are creating a crisis of extremism in the United States, a case he made in a widely panned speech in Pennsylvania a few weeks ago.

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Now a startling letter from a congressman sheds light on the focus of the Jan 6 investigations at the expense of other investigations.

The top Republican on the House Judiciary Committee said Monday a whistleblower has come forward detailing how the FBI is manipulating cases related to the Jan. 6 Capitol riot to create “the illusion” that domestic violent extremism is a widespread problem in the United States.



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