FBI/DOJ Mid Year Exam (MYE) Team Members Identified in Ron Johnson Letter to Rod Rosenstein?

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The Clinton email probe was codenamed “Midyear Exam.
On January 31, 2018, Sen. Ron Johnson, chairman of the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, wrote a letter to Rod Rosenstein requesting additional information relating to the Hillary Clinton investigation (MYE). Included within that letter was a list of names which appear to be the members of the Midyear Exam Team. All of these names can be found multiple times in the released text messages of Peter Strzok and Lisa Page.
Please produce all documents and communications, including but not limited to emails, memoranda, notes, text messages, iPhone instant messages, and voicemails, for the period January 1, 2015, to the present referring or relating to the FBI’s Midyear Exam investigation, the presence of classified information on Secretary of State Clinton’s private email server, or candidates for the 2016 presidential election for the following custodians:

James Comey;
James Rybicki;
Andrew McCabe;
John Giacalone
James Turgal;
David Bowdich;
Jonathan Moffa;
Peter Strzok;
Lisa Page;
Trisha Anderson;
E.W. Priestap;
George Toscas;
Randy Coleman;
Brian Brooks;
Michael Kortan; and
James Baker.

I count 16 names on that list. How many of them have resigned from the FBI or the DOJ or have been fired/demoted/reassigned? Where are the others and what are their current positions?
James Comey

Fired on May 9, 2017
James Rybicki
“Left” the bureau on January 23, 2018

Andrew McCabe;
Removed from his post on January 29th, 2018
John Giacalone

Retired from the FBI in February 2016
James Turgal;

Left the FBI sometime before Jan. 9, 2018

David Bowdich
Named Acting Deputy Director on January 31st, 2018 after Andrew McCabe “stepped down”
Jonathan Moffa
Still working at the FBI? Need more info
Peter Strzok
Removed from the Mueller probe and reassigned to Human Resources in August, 2017
Lisa Page
Still employed by the FBI???
Trisha Anderson
Still employed by the FBI???
E.W. Priestap;

FBI Asst. Director in charge of all counterintelligence operations
George Toscas;
Senior Justice Department Official
Randy Coleman

Executive Assistant Director FBI, oversight of all FBI domestic and international cyber operations and investigations concerning cyber matters
Brian Brooks
Named assistant director of the Operational Technology Division by Christopher Wray in November 2017

Michael Kortan

Announced his retirement from the FBI on Feb. 8, 2018

James Baker
Reassigned by Christopher Wray on December 21, 2017
Again, interesting that Laufman’s name was not included in the letter. Wonder why?
David Laufman was the Department of Justice, National Security Division, Deputy Asst. Attorney General in charge of counterintelligence, cyber security, counterespionage and export controls.
As most people are now aware the epicenter of the DOJ/FBI Clinton-Steele operation against candidate Trump stemmed from a collaborate “small group” effort of Main Justice officials within the National Security Division (John P Carlin – head), and officials within the FBI centered around the Counterintelligence Division (Bill Priestap – head).

“Mike” is Out – Michael P Kortan Quits FBI…
Another longtime FBI official quits today. According to Fox News Catherine Herridge reporting, FBI Asst. Director Michael Kortan (aka text message “Mike”), the head of the FBI Public Affairs Office, has announced he is retiring.
Mike Kortan was previously exposed by FBI Agent Peter Strozok as having specific information that the investigation into Hillary Clinton was manipulated by the “small group”. “Mike’s” job was to sell the ruse as a valid investigation.

Thomas Paine-
Wray has bounced back nicely after acting like a spoiled kid. Our sources seem to believe he is trying to make up for past transgressions under Bush. I argue a lot with our sources but they have a point. More Comey cronies are leaving. That is good news.

Two more officials cited in FBI texts step down
Two more senior government officials who were prominently discussed in text messages exchanged by FBI personnel formerly assigned to the Trump-Russia investigation are leaving their positions.
Mike Kortan, FBI assistant director for public affairs, is set to retire next week, an FBI spokeswoman confirmed. In addition, the chief of the Justice Department’s Counterintelligence and Export Control Section, David Laufman, resigned this week, a department spokesman said.

The list of officials frequently discussed in the texts who are no longer in their jobs seems to grow by the day. It includes former FBI Director James Comey, who was fired by Trump; former Deputy Director Andrew McCabe; Comey’s chief of staff, James Rybicki; FBI General Counsel James Baker; as well as Strzok, who was booted off the special counsel investigation and sent to a job in the FBI’s personnel division.
So James Turgal is the one who helped the “love birds” get their iphones:
Page: Have a meeting with turgal about getting iphone in a day or so
Strzok: Oh hot damn. . . We get around our security/monitoring issues?
Page: No, he’s proposing that we just stop following them. Apparently the requirement to capture texts came from [Office of Management and Budget], but we’re the only org (I’m told) who is following that rule. His point is, if no one else is doing it why should we. . . I’m told – thought I have seen – that there is an IG report that says everyone is failing. But one has changed anything, so why not just join in the failure.

Here’s a list of the names with additional information:
The other individuals Johnson is asking about are:
Peter P. Strzok II, the former chief of the FBI’s counterespionage section;
Lisa Page, an FBI attorney romantically-linked to Strzok;
Brian Brooks, the FBI’s assistant director of the Operational Technology Division;
Michael P. Kortan, the assistant director of FBI public affairs;
Randall C. Coleman, executive assistant director of the Criminal, Cyber, Response, and Services Branch;
George Z. Toscas, deputy assistant attorney general for national security Division;
E. William “Bill” Priestap, assistant director of the FBI’s counterintelligence division and husband of Sabrina Menshel, the managing director of the private investigations firm Nardello & Company and Democratic contributor;
Trisha Anderson, deputy general counsel at the Justice Department, former law clerk to Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan and wife of Obama administration national security lawyer Charles L. Newman;
Jonathan C. Moffa, the FBI agent who helped draft Comey’s July 5, 2016 exoneration of Clinton’s handling of sensitive electronic correspondence and the man who received information from a Jan. 27, 2016 walk-in-informant from the State Department, who tried to alert the FBI about Clinton’s private email server;
David L. Bowdich, the associate deputy director of the FBI and the presumed successor to McCabe as FBI deputy director;
James Turgal, the FBI’s former executive assistant director for the Information and Technology Branch;
John Giacalone, the FBI’s former assistant director of counterterrorism division and the FBI agent-in-charge of Clinton email investigation, who resigned from the probe in February 2016; and
Jim Rybicki, Comey’s chief of staff.

I believe this man was mentioned in the text messages as well:
Comey had his own ideas. Unbeknownst to his Justice Department colleagues, Comey had resolved to proceed alone with the announcement. Since May, he had been holding a parallel series of meetings with top FBI confidants to thrash through his plan. He would publicly announce – and explain – the Clinton decision without Lynch at his side. “We had discussions for months about what this looked like,” Michael Steinbach, who retired as the FBI’s executive assistant director for national security in February 2017, said. “This, for us, was the best course of action, given the political situation that we were in – for us to do it independently.”
It’s so odd. There are very few articles discussing the resignation of John Giacalone in February 2016. He said the investigation was going sideways. Now why would they want to scrub the web of any mention of his resignation?
TP has an excellent article that includes the announcement of Giacalone’s resignation. Wish I could like it here.
As FBI Director of counterintelligence Bill Priestap holds a very important position and is one of the few people authorized to sign-off on FISA applications to the FISA court.
Stunningly, everyone around Priestap has been removed or resigned from their position; yet Bill Priestap remains.
FBI Director James Comey was fired; Asst. FBI Director Andrew “Andy” McCabe was removed; FBI Chief Legal Counsel James Baker was removed; FBI Attorney Lisa Page was removed; FBI Agent Peter Strzok was demoted; FBI Special Agent, Chief of Staff, James Rybicki resigned. Yet somehow, even through today, FBI Director of Counterintelligence Bill Priestap remains.

h/t Daniel Higdon

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