FDA Authorizes AI-Armband $999 Tech Device to Detect Covid-19

The device, which costs $999 and can be reused repeatedly, works its magic by scanning a participant’s biometrics, including temperature and blood oxygen levels, in search of unique biomarkers associated with COVID-19.

The company compares the technology to the facial pattern recognition programs that are used to unlock phones.

Tiger Tech CEO Harrison Wittels. . .
“We see this as a game changer,” he said. “We see this as a way to help industries open up, for kids to get back and school and people to get back to work.”

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Only a select few facilities have the device, including the Miami Rescue Mission Clinic. . .



“Emergency use authorization. . . ”



The FDA has authorized the use of its first digital, machine-learning-powered device to help screen people for COVID-19.

Tiger Tech Solutions’ wearable monitor is strapped to the upper arm and uses light sensors to sense blood flow, similarly to many consumer electronics and fitness trackers.

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Within three to five minutes, it uses an artificial intelligence model to crunch the data on the person’s pulse rate and other factors to determine whether their blood could be clotting more easily than normal.

This state of hypercoagulation, among other signs, has been linked to coronavirus infections—and, when combined with temperature checks, it could help spot people over the age of 5 who are carrying the virus without showing any symptoms.



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