FDA Corruption Claims the Benefits Outweigh the Risks without Explanation

by Martin Armstrong

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) responded to Nordic countries limiting the use of Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine last week, saying the shot’s benefits outweigh the risks. Now Iceland has joined Scandinavia and has also banned Moderna for heart inflammation. However, the Biden Administration is not transparent and mandates that everyone take that vaccine or lose their job. Under this premise, the right of the individual to determine with their doctor if they are willing to take that risk is no different than their support for abortion on the grounds that a woman has the right to decide about her own body.

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The FDA is not independent and has a conflict of interest because it takes money from Bill Gates, who is a MAJOR shareholder in Moderna. Under SEC rules, anyone else acting in a conflict of interest warrants criminal charges. The Biden Administration is too busy counting the money from lobbyists to pay attention to their real obligation — do no harm to the people.

We already have Australian politicians caught taking money from Big Pharma and the head of Austria had to resign because he was paying bribes to the media for positive coverage. We have reached the point where the government is just no longer trustworthy about anything.


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