Fears coronavirus will spark brain damage ‘epidemic’ as even mild cases cause inflammation

PEOPLE who have contracted the coronavirus could also suffer brain complications, experts have revealed.

Conditions such as brain inflammation, strokes, nerve damage and delirium have all been named as complications that could be caused by Covid-19.

Experts from University College London’s Institute of Neurology have now warned that a brain damage “epidmic” could be on the way after they found that some patients with the coronavirus did not experience severe respiratory issues.

They also said that neurological disorders were the first symptom that some Covid patients presented with.

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They warned that doctors needed to be aware of neurological effects that could be present when patients have Covid-19 as even mild cases of the virus can cause inflammation.

During the study the team identified a rare and fatal inflammatory condition called ADEM (acute disseminated encephalomyelitis) which they found had increased during the pandemic.



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