Fed Rate Hike Won’t Fix Inflation, But It Will Make You Even Poorer

by Chris Black

Imagine that these people told you that inflation wasn’t real, then that it was transitory, then that it was good, then that it was a crisis – and now they’re going to cause a recession or depression to do something that won’t actually even fix it at all.


The US Federal Reserve has announced a 0.75% interest rate hike, the largest increase in 28 years, as the central bank’s chairman stressed the need to avoid a recession and tame runaway price inflation.

The Fed’s Open Market Committee announced the decision on Wednesday, saying it would raise short-term rates by 75 basis points in a move aimed at reducing inflation to 2%. Prior projections suggested that figure could reach 3.4% by the end of the year.

We’re not trying to induce a recession now, let’s be clear about that,” Fed Chairman Jerome Powell told reporters following the committee meeting, but noted that spikes in certain commodity prices could “take the decision out of our hands.”


They are clearly trying to induce a recession, there’s no other explanation for what the FED is doing. 

I believe a lot of people making these decisions are not nearly as smart as they think they are, but they are not this stupid.

 No one is this stupid.

It was obvious to me since March 2020 that shutting down the economy for the coronavirus hoax and printing all the money to manage the shutdown would lead to hyperinflation.

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They are doing this on purpose.

This is how they want to achieve the Great Reset, by destroying the current system.

The rate hikes are decimating the stock market, and they are going to do something to real estate prices. 

They are hitting you from both sides, so there is literally no way to maintain wealth. 

This is basically a communist type program of transferring all wealth to an elite minority of primarily Jewish overlords. 

BlackRock and Vanguard are just going to own everything when this is over, because there is simply no way to store value anymore, except from diamonds and Rolex watches maybe.

There’s just one catch: destroying your own economy like this simply does not make sense when you failed to do your world government project. 

They are doing everything brilliantly in terms of making everyone in the West poor and transferring all of the wealth of the middle class to the tiny elite. 

But how is a country that did this going to compete with China and Russia (and their allies), who are not doing this?

Anyway – get ready for a wild ride.


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