What is Democracy After All?

by Chris Black

According to a new poll, half of Americans now predict that the United States may cease to be a democracy someday.

As a fun fact, the word “democracy” is not mentioned, not even once, in the Declaration of Independence, Bill of Rights or the Constitution.

The US is a Constitutional Republic. Well, it used to be, anyway.

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“Democracy” means literally anything to anyone. On one end, it means “universal suffrage rights” and on the other end it means “gay sex lessons for kids.”

America was never intended to be a “democracy.”

We didn’t have universal suffrage until the late 19th century. Women did not get national universal suffrage rights until 1920 (though that is a separate issue, technically).

I am against all forms of democracy, as it is always an oligarchy, which always reduces personal freedom. Even in its pure form, the masses will vote away other people’s right and vote away their own rights because the masses are stupid cattle.


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