Fed Bailout Then Mass Layoffs. Hyper Bubble Risk In the 2020 Markets Worse Than Dot Com

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Take a look at the markets. They’re doing fantastic. Nothing can bring them down thanks to Jay Powell and the crew. They have our best interests in mind because they care. They’re working hard to give money to companies in need and that will help out individuals because they can keep their jobs. Except, what happens when the Fed bails out companies and they just fire people anyway?


All of a sudden, people are talking about a V-shaped recovery again: ‘The stock market had it right’


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May Jobs Report: Forecast Miss Could Have Policy Ramifications – Bloomberg


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Fed Vow Boosts Debt Binge as Borrowers Cut Thousands of Jobs – Bloomberg


Citi Says Wealthy Clients Are Holding Too Much Cash, Time to Buy – Bloomberg


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Canada Trade Plummets Amid Global Shutdowns, Deficit Widens – Bloomberg


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