Fed has completely lost their grip on the market. Stimulus was never coming out early in the week, they are waiting to cushion the jobs report.

by swaggymedia

Every time market has limited-down fed comes out with some bogus news conference trying to pump the market.

The stimulus package was never meant to come out early this week, they are waiting until end of week after the brutal jobs report comes out. They need a cushion.

  1. Donald Pump having daily meetings trying to pump market.
  2. Today’s pre-market pump was only way to keep market after limit-down, it still didn’t save face.
  3. Trump going out and saying treatments are working when doctors are saying that they help but aren’t the cure.
  4. Trump pushing you get the workforce back out there (during a pandemic lol), means he’s FKn desperate to get the economy rolling.

Moving forward here’s some shit that’s already pRiCeD iN and probably won’t move the market.

-Cases increase by X amount each day -More cities go on lockdown. -Bad unemployment numbers. -Bad earnings reports. -Fed chatting about stimulus and QE. -Italy/Spain/Europe getting worse.

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-Hospitals in hotspot cities become unbearably overwhelmed and run out of ventilators + icu units become a shit show. As of right now NYC is under control, so it will depend on how it plays out in 1-2 more weeks. There must be PANIC for it to effect the market moving forward.

-Fed injecting 4 trillion into the economy that prioritizes small businesses and gives money to the general population.

-Bad jobs/unemployment reports are priced in. What’s not priced in are insanely bad numbers which is a possibility as whyTrump is trying to delay release. This is why the stimulus is still pending.

I think this week will be mostly green pending jobs report and stimulus… we’ll need to wait until the next surge of panic (if that comes) and economy coming to a halt before market has bigger legs down.

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Market has already gone down 35% in a few weeks, don’t be greedy and expect more on any bad news. It’s going to take more panic to make bigger moves down, the kind of panic you don’t even want to happen. Nobody wants the virus to spread beyond control in the states, or unemployment to rise, just so you can make $50 bucks.

I think we stay green this week and move into more blood red days the following week.


Disclaimer: This information is only for educational purposes. Do not make any investment decisions based on the information in this article. Do you own due diligence.