Fed-up BURGER KING staff write ‘we all QUIT’ on restaurant sign…MCDONALD’S offer tuition, Child care to lure workers…

KING GONE Burger King sign reading ‘we all QUIT’ goes viral after fed-up employees walk out with very public goodbye

A SIGN at a Burger King reading “we all quit” has gone viral after fed-up employees walked out with a very public goodbye.

Former employees said they were unhappy with upper management at the Lincoln, Nebraska, fast-food joint when they put up the sign on Saturday.


Former general manager Rachael Flores told KLKN that she and eight other employees had already put in their two weeks notice when the sign went up.

They meant it as just some harmless fun, Flores said, and did not expect the sign to go viral.

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“I didn’t think anybody was going to notice it, because we did just one sign, and then it went pretty crazy on Facebook,” she said.

McDonald’s Owners Offer Tuition, Child Care to Lure Burger Flippers

McDonald’s Corp. MCD +0.61% owners are adding emergency child care and other benefits, as many U.S. restaurants are struggling to hire enough workers to run their businesses.

U.S. franchisees of the burger giant aim to boost hourly pay, give workers paid time off and help cover tuition costs to draw enough workers and improve the Golden Arches’ image as an employer. McDonald’s corporate parent said it is making a multimillion-dollar investment to back the franchisee efforts. Franchisees own 95% of the chain’s roughly 13,450 U.S. stores.

Labor has emerged as one of the biggest challenges to the U.S. economy’s post-pandemic rebound, particularly in service-heavy businesses that depend on large numbers of workers to prepare meals or make beds.



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