Federal Cash For Illinois Is Vastly More Than Commonly Reported: $138 Billion And Counting


We finally have a more comprehensive tally of the grotesquely oversized federal assistance dispensed under the guise of pandemic relief. It’s from CRFB, the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget, and it’s broken down by states. It obliterates claims made by Illinois lawmakers that they’ve put this state on a sound fiscal path. Illinois, instead, was temporarily bailed out.

The total amount committed or disbursed to public and private sector recipients in Illinois is $138 billion and growing, the CRFB shows. Another $24 billion is allowed for Illinois under federal legislation already passed.

The current total of $138 billion may even shock many who have been following the federal bailout. That’s because most reporting to date has focused only on the direct aid to the state under the recent American Rescue Plan Act, which was only $8.1 billion. CRFB’s $138 billion total state aid includes distributed aid to both the public and private sector across Illinois:

Loan and Grant Programs: $63.5 billion

State & Local Funding: $16.2 billion

Income Support: $24.3 billion

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Direct Payments: $10.0 billion

Health Spending: $7.86 billion

Other Spending: $4.01 billion

Administrative: $5.95 billion

Lending Facilities: $4.04 billion

Other Loan Purchase Programs: $1.59 billion

The full breakdown is available on their site by clicking through for details.


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