Federal Officials Launch Investigation Into OBAMA'S DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND SECURITY'S HACK Of The State of GEORGIA!

by Pamela Williams
You might remember the story of Obama’s DHS hacking the State of Georgia around the time of the 2016 Election. I was highly interested in the story, but the only explanation that was revealed by Jeh Johnson was a strange one of a “copy and paste” mistake by a lowly DHS worker. It did not make sense, so I did not report on it. However, it has just been revealed to be more of a story now; in fact, it could be a pretty big one for Obama and Jeh Johnson. Title 18 of the federal code makes it a federal crime to “having knowingly accessed a computer without authorization” and to damage or impair the integrity or availability of data, a program, a system, or information. If convicted, Obama and Johnson could be fined and receive up to 20 years for each offense.
Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp, who oversees the voting systems, has been highly criticial of Obama and Jeh Johnson. He fought  against their attempt to designate local and state election machinery as part of federal “critical infrastructure.” John Roth, the Inspector General of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), began an investigation into former DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson and his use of DHS systems on election night.  Representative Jason Chaffetz of the House Oversight Committee wrote a letter to Roth, asking him to open the investigation. Chaffetz told Roth, “If these allegations are true, they implicate state sovereignty laws and various other constitutional issues, as well as federal and state criminal laws.”  Kemp also wrote to then President-elect Donald Trump, telling him “I respectfully write today to request that you task your new Secretary of Homeland Security with investigating the failed cyberattacks against the Georgia Secretary of State’s network firewall.”
So I am certainly looking forward to this investigation and to finally knowing why Obama’s DHS hacked into the State of Georgia’s election’s systems.  It has been reported that Jeh Johnson asked states to allow them to try to penetrate their systems, supposedly to ‘test security’ for their election sites.  However, the State of Georgia refused the request.  Yet the DHS apparently tried to hack Georgia’s system anyway and has so far failed to give a satisfactory explanation for their actions.
The aspects of the attacks that have been reported thus far:
1.  Georgia traced the scans back to a contractor from the  Federal Law Enforcement Training Center in Glynco, Georgia, a part of DHS.
2.  The attacks took place between Feb 2 and Nov. 15, one week after the election but before the election was certified. 
3.  The attacks by the DHS, coupled with the Obama administration effort to try to take over the state election systems as part of ‘critical infrastructure’ are highly suspicious.
What is amazing to me is the Mainstream News Media was so caught up in the “Russian hacking story” they failed to delve into the real story of the DHS hacking the state of Georgia. One has to ask what was the intent behind this hacking? Georgia’s firewall blocked all attempts at penetration by the DHS, but this is the ultimate in hypocrisy. While everyone was focused on the supposed “Russian hacking” just a trickle of this news was made public. I doubt very seriously if this was even allowed, but it escaped the Obama Administration without really being explained; in fact, I had begun to doubt its authenticity.
I hope it does not take long for the investigation to be completed, as I am very anxious to get the results. If it proves the story is true, then we the people must demand that Obama and Jeh Johnson be punished. Above all, I would think President Trump would jump on the chance to hold Obama and Johnson accountable after all he went through with the stories surrounding the purported hacks around his Presidential defeat of Hillary Clinton. I would imagine Clinton plays into this story in some way, too. Wouldn’t you?

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Georgia also has several computer fraud and abuse statutes that could apply to the DHS contract employee and to other officials in Georgia who are implicated in the effort. Four of the 10 attacks against the Georgia network occurred as Kemp was about to talk to DHS officials, or coincided with his public testimony about his opposition to the critical infrastructure designation.
“It’s certainly concerning about the dates,” Kemp told TheDCNF in an interview. Kemp said he hopes the Inspector General gets to the bottom of the attacks and determines if there is a possibility the hacks were timed to intimidate him.
“Well, that’s a pretty easy dot to connect,” he said about the timing of the attacks. “Certainly from a political perspective it makes a lot of sense to ask that question.”

Published on Jan 29, 2017



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  1. One can also ask “Had the hack been successful, would the results stored on the machine be compromised?”
    “Did the DHS enter any machine in any other state, with or without the state’s knowledge, and have the results in those states been compromised?”


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