FEMA "Contractor" returned to Florida to steal guns and murder

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A FEMA contractor is accused of traveling from Alabama with two others to kill a man in Florida and steal his guns.
When asked for comment on the alleged incident, FEMA spokesperson Jenny Burke told ABC News in a statement Thursday, “FEMA is aware of an alleged incident that occurred in Polk County, Florida, and are looking into additional details on this matter. Our thoughts are with the families and loved ones of the victims.”

The incident appeared mid January, when I had the flu. Sorry if it’s already been posted.
Several issues here; the “contractor” was only 18 years old. To my knowledge, FEMA has not denied that he did officially represent them during hurricane recovery in Florida.
Good information to have to inform future disclosures to folks who come to the door to survey damage.
Even your insurance agent or their contracted people do not typically need to enter your home, much less see undamaged personal items.
However, there’s no info here as to whether the old man might have shown him the guns because he was concerned about damage from humidity or roof failure.
The daughter says he was smart and would not have let just anyone into the house. FEMA isn’t going to offer help getting your guns cleaned anyway, after a storm, so I’m not sure why or how the young man found out about them.
For those who cannot see it, the video shows his official fema badge.
20 to 25 guns stolen; only 3 recovered.
The man who died is 68; the other fellow who roomed with him was also left for dead and at last reports, still fighting for his life in the hospital.
Sheriff said the 18 year old did not have an extensive criminal history, but didn’t elaborate.
Sheriff made attempts to talk to FEMA before he did the press conference, but never even got an answer.
He wondered about the background process that was done, and noted that the young man was only 18.
There are more details in the text link about the other two young men, both age 22. One was the driver.

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