Fertilizer Prices – You just thought food inflaton was bad

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by Turd Ferguson, Jr.

Just got back from the hardware store to buy some supplies for my garden.

Hory Sheet!

10-10-10 fertilizer, 40 lb bag, was $22. It was $13 last year.

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Vegetable seedlings – $4.78 each. They were $3.78 last year.

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The only thing that didn’t go up was lime. Still $4.98 a bag. I guess they couldn’t gin up a bullshit connection to Ukraine or Covid.

I’m not a professional farmer but my family comes from a farming background so I know a thing or two. Food prices are going way up in the next 6 to 9 months across the board. It doesn’t matter what happens with Ukraine. The crops have to be planted soon with fertilizer that costs 80% more than it did a year ago. The seedling price won’t be an issue for them but fuel prices will.

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I estimate a 25%-50% increase minimum.

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